Pickles - recipes with photo

Garlic, pickled in beet juice
Salty watermelon "in haste"
Pickled eggplant
Green tomatoes stuffed with celery
Eggplant stuffed
The fiery condiment Harissa
Salt cabbage
Green tomatoes in Armenian
Salt-pickled green olives
Home the bacon
"Peter" cabbage
Cabbage, red, pickled
"Resurrection" pickles
Sauerkraut young
Greek salad
Eggplant marinated
Sauerkraut under the iron cover
Preparation for the winter of eggplant
Peppers canned
Zucchini, canned

Home pickles – one of the most delicious, healthy home-made. Home pickles – this is one of the varieties of preservation produced with salt.

Salt, which is added either to the brine or abundantly sprinkle it on the product itself (for example, meat), prevents the development of bacteria and mold in the products. What can be pickles recipes include: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, roots.

In recent years, home-made salting of fish is very popular in Russia. In Ukraine, the first among home pickles was salting fat. Well, pickling cabbage and does stand out of competition. Pickling cabbage has long become a good tradition in many homes of Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians.

Timely pickling of mushrooms will provide the family with a good supply of mushrooms for soups, second courses, cold snacks for the holiday table. Pickling cucumbers, as a rule, is made in the summer. To do this, just need to buy enough fresh cucumbers and acquire enameled bucket, which, in fact, be zaselyatsya cucumbers. Pickles are one of the best snacks to chilled vodka. In addition, pickles can be part of many excellent dishes, such as pickles, salads, pickles.

Pickling cabbage is popular not only in Eastern Europe, but also in Transcaucasia. For example, Georgian salted cabbage is prepared with the addition of beets, hot capsicum. Georgian salted cabbage is not chopped finely, as in Russia, but cut into small pieces.