Salads - recipes with photo

Salad "Crisp"
Salad with potato and mushrooms
Salad-cocktail "Precast"
Salad "Sprott"
Salad "Spicy"
Salad with noodles
Tomatoes stuffed with vegetable mixture
An omelet salad
Splashes of color
Salad "Beauty"
Salad "Daisy"
Potato salad
Salad "Cado"
Salad-Spring tenderness
Interesting salad 2
Pepper Romanian
Salad "Dandelion"
Malachite bracelet
Cheese Paradise
Spring salad

Salads make the most various category of culinary dishes. A cold dish, which is prepared from a mixture of different vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and other ingredients. Looking for them all. Delicious salads set. And the recipes continue to evolve there are new, more delicious and tastier. On our site a huge variety of different recipes with photos and step by step directions cooking: classic and new, festive and fast, easy, inexpensive and delicious salads every day from vegetables, fish, meat, chicken, new year, fasting and so on. Everyone who seeks, will find here not only delicious and simple salads, but also tips on how to cook it, how to decorate, new recipes and unusual salads. Prepare according to our recipe, improvise, add to it something new and put on the website the picture of it – treat them all!