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Pancakes-Swifty with chocolate filling
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Pancakes "Momentary Caprice"
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My lace pancakes
Dessert the "In a hurry"
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Delicate pancakes on the beer
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Pancakes — one of the wonders of Russian cuisine. The recipe for pancakes is simple, as all ingenious. While cooking pancakes — a science. And pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is one of the most delicious customs. Many people are interested in pancake recipes on Shrove Tuesday, the dough for pancakes. So let's talk about how to cook pancakes and, above all, the batter for pancakes.

Classic pancakes — the pancakes on milk. Of course, you can tell me how to make pancakes on sour milk, how to make pancakes on the water, how to bake pancakes on the serum. But if you don't know the classic recipe of pancakes, so you don't know how to cook pancakes. Particularly relevant recipe for pancakes is getting the day before carnival, when all you want to know how to bake pancakes. Recipe of pancakes, simple pancakes recipe is prepared using milk, eggs, flour, butter, salt and sugar. Now directly on how to make pancakes. The recipe is as follows: first whisk eggs, then gradually add the milk, flour, oil. Here's a simple recipe. How to cook pancakes thinner, and that they were not torn? Make the batter for the pancakes, whisk it with a mixer and let the dough for pancakes a little brew. But that's not the whole science, how to make pancakes. Recipe recipe, but there are some subtleties of how to fry the pancakes correctly. Batter for pancakes should be pouring into a single point, the center of the pan, and pour it over the entire area in a circular motion. A recipe for delicious pancakes is to use a home milk. There is another option how to cook delicious pancakes. You can use buckwheat flour. Pancake recipes a lot, and carnival wants to try anything.