Pancakes - recipes with photo

Browns chicken
Corn pancakes
Potato pancakes with herring
Pancakes with mushrooms
Rice cakes with cottage cheese
Pancakes "Belarusian"
Carrot-Apple burgers
Pancakes "Rice"
Zucchini fritters with a surprise
Vegetable carrot pancakes
Carrot-cheese plenniki
Pancakes from yogurt
Fritters Apple
"Schnitzels" from nettles
Pancakes "health"
Pancakes "had enough"
Pancakes of oatmeal
Sunday pancakes
Chocolate muffins with a surprise

Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes – dishes of batter, poured on a hot frying surface with fat. Perhaps this is one of the oldest products of flour, but there are many secrets. If you are interested in delicious pancakes, recipes, how to bake pancakes, recipes how to cook pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, dough for pancakes, simple recipes of pancakes with photos, here are hundreds of recipes – for you!