Snacks - recipes with photo

Cheese sticks
Garlic croutons
Onion rings fries
Crispy chicken wings
Shrimp in garlic sauce
Julien in the bag
Cheese Apple
Waffle schnitzel
Appetizer "Cheese Rafaello"
Eggplant stuffed with minced meat
Cheese roll
Savory tart of eggs
Bread with a stuffing - quick and filling
Caviar of eggplant baked
Sprats at home
Marinated duck breast
Chicken wings in Chinese
Crusty loaf baked with garlic and cheese

Snack – type dishes that are served before main. Can serve as a separate snack. Snacks to the table often accompanied by a small amount of alcohol for the appetite. A lot of recipes – from simple snacks to the most refined dishes. Very popular holiday, especially snacks for the New year. On our website thousands of recipes with photos and step-by-step instructions cooking. Recipes with photos will always help to choose quick snacks, light, beer, picnic, pita, in a word, the ones who need you right now.