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Cottage cheese donuts
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Donuts are from dough, fried in oil. Prepare donuts with or without filling. The filling can serve jam, jam, jam, condensed milk, etc. Donuts, the recipe of which is very simple, have the shape of a wheel or a round shape without a hole, they are also called crumpets.

How to cook donuts?

The cookie dough is most often made with yeast. Yeast donuts are lush and appetizing. The recipe for yeast donuts consists of ingredients such as flour, milk, eggs, butter, yeast, sugar and salt. Yeast should be diluted in warm milk, then pour the flour, and knead the dough for donuts. The recipe also includes butter, which must be melted and added after the dough rises. Next add eggs, salt and sugar, then give the dough a second rise. After that, you can start frying. The yeast doughnuts, the recipe of which includes a large amount of fat, very high in calories, so abuse them undesirable.

How to cook donuts without yeast?

If you prefer unleavened dough, we advise you to cook donuts on kefir. Recipe even more simple. It is necessary to beat the eggs with sugar, then add kefir, flour and a little soda. Donuts on kefir are no less lush than yeast. Cooking donuts in this way saves time and effort.

How to make donuts really tasty?

Very simple – you need to put inside the sweet filling. The recipe for donuts with filling is no different from the usual, but if the filling is too sweet, the sugar in the dough should be put less. For example, in donuts with condensed milk, which are already quite sweet.

American donuts (donuts) – a favorite dish of police officers from the United States. The production of donuts in this country has long become a tradition. Donuts (recipe with photos can be found on our website) are prepared with the addition of cinnamon or sesame.

You can also make donuts from cheese. The recipe reminds familiar to all, the curd. In many world kitchens cheese donuts (the recipe with a photo will show how the finished product has to turn out) are popular. They are less caloric, but no less delicious than traditional donuts. The recipe will not leave indifferent any hostess. Donuts curd, as the name implies, prepared from cottage cheese, with the addition of flour, eggs and sugar. Cottage cheese is mixed with eggs and sugar, then flour is added. After that, donuts from cottage cheese are fried in oil until Golden brown. A very original dish is cottage cheese donuts, the recipe of which contains alcohol. It could be rum or cognac.

But the recipe for donuts with powdered sugar is that the usual or yeast donuts just sprinkle on top of the sweet powder. You can also use a variety of syrups and chocolate.

Delicious donuts, the recipe of which, as you have seen, is not difficult, will serve as an excellent replacement for traditional pies.