Cakes - recipes with photo

Cakes "Shu"
Eclairs with custard
"Potato toys"
Fruit baskets "Tropical Paradise"
"Orange-almond Symphony"
Cheese cakes
Chocolate brownies with prunes and dried apricots
Cakes "Valentine"
Chocolate cake with liquid filling
Dessert "Sweet sausage"
Chocolate dessert with liquid middle
Custard cake
Baskets of dough
Pastry "Shell star"

Cakes - a confectionery product of a small size of sweet dough, with cream, fruit and berry or chocolate filling. Cakes can also be a variety of cakes, cut into small equal pieces. For example, Napoleon cake.

Depending on the dough used, or the basis for the cake, there is a biscuit cake, meringue cake, cottage cheese cake (tiramisu cake), shortbread, biscuit cake, custard cake. In addition, there are many transitional options cakes. Here are some examples, recipes cakes.

A striking example of a biscuit cake is a potato cake. This biscuit chocolate cake oblong. All of us since childhood love potato cake, its recipe is simple. Very conveniently, that "potatoes" — this cakes without baking. The classic recipe contains a sweet potato crackers, and other components of a traditional cake. Mixed the ingredients, rolled the balls, held in the refrigerator — and the cake potatoes are ready! Just prepare a cake of potatoes from cookies, which should simply crumble. If you decide to cook a sweet potato, a recipe from pastry predpochtitelno due to the fact that the cookie itself is delicious crackers. Although, as they say, the taste and color... And yet, you can show imagination and eventually give the balls some resemblance to prickly animals, get a cake hedgehogs.

But the recipe for custard cakes is more complicated: you have to prepare the dough and cream for custard cakes separately. And, the most difficult - cream for custard cakes. But your efforts will pay off with a vengeance — it's really very tasty cakes. So if you are going to cook custard cakes, a recipe with a photo will make your life much easier. (Well, actually, for those who prepare cakes, recipe with photos is a real find). And this we called it custard pastry, the French call it pastry, the Eclair, and the cream cakes are largely the same.

If we are talking about the French, we should remember their weakness and pride - French cakes. For example, cake, pasta, or cake macarons. This cake has nothing to do with pasta! Look at the photo of cakes and its recipe on our website and see for yourself. And at the same time learn how to cook a cake. Another very popular cake in France is the Boucher cake. By the way, the French are very fond of mini cakes: these cakes cause minimal damage to the waist, and at the same time allow you to enjoy their great taste.

Well, we are more familiar with such recipes cakes as cake basket (cake basket), coffee cake, chocolate cake, honey cake, cake anthill, almond cake, sausage cake, peach cake.