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Kulich Easter
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Easter cake
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Babka with chocolate
Kulich Easter
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Cake and cream
Viennese baking
Pasca / Easter Cake
Cottage cheese Pasca fusion
Cake Holiday
Cake with white chocolate and nuts

Kulich — traditional Easter pastries. Easter cake symbolizes the memory of how Jesus Christ after the Resurrection took food with the apostles.

How to bake a cake in Russia knew long ago. Recipe Easter cake is essentially transformed yeast bread, which began to give a religious meaning. Easter cakes differ from other forms and recipes. We warn you that if you decide not to buy a cake, and prepare your own Easter cake, this recipe requires patience and a pure heart. Usually the secret of how to cook a cake at home, keep our grandmothers, and thanks to them the recipe for Easter cake is passed down from generation to generation. The dough for yeast cakes necessarily. Recipe cake contains a lot of eggs, sugar, butter or margarine. In addition, recipes Easter cakes may contain raisins, almonds, vanilla. Recipes of cakes in General are quite diverse. But that's really where you can unleash your imagination, so it is in the decoration of cakes. Decoration of cakes using the icing, colored millet, chocolate chips, confectionary, sweets. Icing for cake is prepared from egg whites, powdered sugar and lemon juice. Festively decorated cakes are a real work of art. Not surprisingly, Easter cakes and ask for a photo. Kulich brings joy to the house and protects your family. Curd cake is another traditional Easter culinary product, symbolizing the joy of Resurrection.

Prepare Easter cakes, let them bring happiness to your home, Christ is Risen!