Sponge cake - recipes with photo

Cake from the milk mixture "baby"
Cake lemon
Coconut cake with chocolate soufflé
The cake
"Black on white - white on black"
Cake "Curly poodle"
Cake "The Mirror"
Cake "Pumpkin with cranberries"
Cake "Pancho"
Cake with ice cream
Cake "Coconut"
Cake "pigeon milk" with semolina
Cake "Romeo and Juliet"
Cake "the Tropical Paradise"
Cake Pensioner
Cake "Mocha"
Cake "Volcano"
Cake "the Negro in the foam"
Cake "Butterfly" or "Heart for your sweetheart"
Cake "Winter's tale"

Recipe sponge cake has a long history. The sponge cakes. For the cake, the recipe of which you choose, you will need more cream filling or icing – the options are many.

Before you prepare biscuit dough for the cake, you need to prepare food and to heat the oven. Cooking sponge cake – it is a short. Basic biscuit dough recipe for the cake says that you need to beat the eggs and gently add to the flour and sugar and bake. The easiest recipe of biscuit cake – the resulting cake to be cut and sandwiched, using any delicious cream sponge cake.

The classic filling for sponge cake – jam or jam. But the cake of sponge cakes can be in every one modified with a variety of creams or layers. For example, a sponge cake with sour cream sour – this cream perfectly nourishes cakes. And the biscuit cake with condensed milk rather dry and very sweet. Biscuit cake with cherry or sponge cake with strawberries juicy. How to cook sponge cake with fruit? In this case, it is best to make sponge cake with jelly. Sponge cake recipe which uses chocolate or cocoa, for example, flourless chocolate cake has a rich taste. But if sandwiching it with bananas, chocolate sponge cake with bananas will be sweeter, softer. You can also cook a delicious sponge cake with whipped cream or make the original cake "Earl ruins biscuit".

Well, if you can not microwave, you can use a simple sponge cake from purchased sponge cakes. Are easy and quick to make sponge cake with sour cream. The cake from ready-made sponge cakes can make and children, for example, a gift to the mother.

Of the recipes on our website, you will learn how to bake sponge cake with butter cream how to make sponge cake with curd cream, how to bake a sponge cake with custard. Also here you will find a recipe for cream sponge cake is a good choice. And our "Sponge cake recipe with photos" (recipes sponge cakes with pictures) will help to develop your baking this wonderful cake!