Mousses - recipes with photo

Chocolate mousse
The rum Baba with yogurt
Chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse
Strawberry mousse
Raspberry mousse
Mousse cranberry
Dessert-creamy strawberry
Apple omelette souffle
Apple mousse. Apple jam
Chocolate mousse
Yogurt mousse-jelly
Pineapple mousse
Home "Nutella" on sandwiches
Mousse of berries and soft cheese
Banana mousse "Christmas Tree!"
Vanilla mousse

Jelly and mousse — a delicious dessert of French origin. Their main "highlight" is an interesting and unusual consistency.

Easy to prepare, use only natural and healthy ingredients, original appearance — all homemade jelly. Jelly recipes will also need you if you want to cook an extraordinary cake or cakes. Jelly is a bright, delicious and extraordinary dessert of a gelatinous kind, which is obtained due to the presence of pectin in the ingredients, or the use of gelatin. The basis of jelly can be different, it gives the predominant taste of jelly. The most common fruit jelly. Recipe fruit jelly without gelatin uses apples, because it is in these fruits contains a lot of pectin, because of which the jelly freezes. In other cases, gelatin, pectin or agar is added. Delicious fruity jelly, it's jelly from black currant jelly orange juice jelly raspberries. Sometimes served this dessert-like fruit in jelly. You can also prepare fruit jelly jam. From fruits, as a rule, transparent jelly is obtained. Do not say, when preparing graviola jelly, cheese jelly, jelly, milk or chocolate jelly. Milk jelly, jelly from sour cream is prepared from the same gelatin, which is used for the preparation of other types of jelly. Preparation of milk jelly or jelly with sour cream is the same simple: soaked jelly, added to warm boiled milk, stirred, added vanilla, and put to harden in a cold place. As it freezes — ready your milk jelly. Recipe with gelatin is one of the fastest and most affordable, gelatin hardens faster than, say, agar. Connecting several colored jelly, you can prepare a cheerful jelly broken glass. It can be fruit jelly of different colors and milk jelly. Glass is just like the present, it is very tasty and very much like children.
A common question is how to make jelly from gelatin. The main thing here is to calculate the proportions correctly. On 1 part of gelatin should take 8-10 parts of water. After the jelly hardens, the excess water should be drained. If you are interested in how to make homemade jelly, the video will be a good hint. There are other nuances of how to make jelly. Do not use aluminum cookware. Another secret, how to cook jelly at home without lumps: the bottom of the dishes for gelatin should not be cold. And when the jelly freezes and you will need to remove it from the dishes, you should put the dishes in hot water for a few seconds, then put your jelly on a cold plate. The recipe with photo will show you how it is done. Choose the appropriate recipe and see how to make homemade jelly, photos and comments attached. Of agar too, can cook a delicious homemade jelly. Recipe a similar, but agar need to borrow in 2 times less, than gelatin. Finally, it should be noted that jelly is useful for the body. Gelatin is useful for joints, and pectin and agar are excellent intestinal adsorbents.
Mousse — a recipe that we gave, again, French confectioners. "Mousse" means foam, and preparation of a mousse, essentially, comes down to whisking until frothy condition of the various ingredients. With jelly mousse is related to the use of gelatin or pectin, which fix the foam. Although some mousses are prepared on the basis of egg whites, sticky semolina. Mousses are also fruit and milk. Usually prepared cranberry mousse, Apple mousse, strawberry mousse, cottage cheese mousse, chocolate mousse. Fruit mousse — the most useful. They can be made very easy, but if you use cream, butter, they will be posytnee. It is also important that the mousse is very colorful, look very bright and festive. For example, chocolate mousse — a recipe that can be prepared extraordinary, decorating it with berries, nuts, candied fruit. Spending quite a bit of time and learn how to make mousse, you will close the question of fast and delicious dessert. It will also be useful to know how to prepare mousse if you are planning a buffet or a sweet buffet. This a La carte dessert as if created for such feasts. And of course, you can cook healthy baby mousse. Recipes with photos will reveal to you all the secrets of cooking delicious and beautiful mousse.