Rolls - recipes with photo

Roll "Broken glass"
Roll "doorbell"
Roll "Mood"
Meatloaf in the test
Roll with condensed milk
Roll with fruit
Yeast rolls with jam
Roll with poppy seeds
Roll for tea
Eateries rolls of puff pastry
Roll in 10 minutes
Rolls with two fillings
Biscuit roll with condensed milk
Strudel "Admiration of the sun"
Roll with apples
Roll 5 minutes
Stuffed braid
Roll with raspberry jam
Roll "Guest on the threshold"

"Roll" comes from the well-known word "role" — so in antiquity called the scroll, which were recorded texts for actors or speakers. Then this root came to the European languages and from the French "Rouler" meaning "to curtail", there was a name roll

Thus, the roll is actually any dish, snack, which is rolled into a tube. There are three groups of recipes for rolls : meat rolls, vegetable rolls and sweet rolls. In addition, rolls are also called some snacks, which are fastened with skewers: rolls of cheese (cheese rolls), rolls of salmon, etc.

Meat loaf is prepared from chops, usually contains stuffing - vegetables, cheese, fish. According to the recipe, meat rolls are first fried, stewed in broth or wine, and then the roll is cut. Sometimes rolls are prepared from minced meat or even minced meat. So prepare chicken roll, minced meat roll, meat roll with egg,pork roll, minced meat roll with egg, minced meat roll. It is important to know that the classic recipe for chicken roll, provides for a special cutting of chicken: it is necessary to remove all the insides and bones, so that there is only a layer of meat on the skin.

The most common vegetable rolls are eggplant rolls.

Sweet roll is prepared from biscuit dough or puff pastry. Biscuit roll is baked, smeared from the inside with cream or jam, then folded and allow the dough to soak. Ready biscuit roll cut already at the table. If the recipe for a biscuit roll came to us in due time from Austria-Hungary, the recipe for a roll with poppy seeds is a Ukrainian culinary heritage.

Culinary novelty of recent years - lavash roll. In principle, this is just another name for shaverma, gyros and similar dishes. Lavash is convenient because it can wrap any products. Therefore, recipes loaf of pita so numerous and popular.