Broths and soups - recipes with photo

Pea soup
Soup of processed cheese
Chicken soup
Chicken tacos in the broth
Tuscan soup
The broth for children
Soup with bread and dumplings
Soup macaroni classic
Soup with sorrel
Bean soup
Soup "Lamb on the meadow"
Vegetable soup
Rice-vegetable soup
Tomato soup with cheese
Sorrel soup with melted cheese
Soup "Spring joy"
Lemon cold soup

What else to prepare on the first, if not the soup? It is quite difficult to find a good recipe for tasty and delicious soup, but here you will cope with this task! On our website there are thousands of recipes of various soups, meat, fish, chicken, mushrooms and many other ingredients.

Liquid base of the soup is the broth, milk and milk drinks, teas cereals, vegetables, fruits, kvass. In the liquid part of the soup contains flavoring and aromatic substances, which stimulate the appetite and promote better digestion.

For garnish use a variety of products: vegetables, mushrooms, cereals, legumes and pasta, fish, meat, poultry, and more. A hearty portion of soup contains nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral substances, vitamins.