Biscuit cookies - recipes with photo

"Christmas trees"
Vanilla butter cookies
Biscuits "Savoiardi"
Fortune cookie
Chinese fortune cookies
Cake "Crumb"
Biscuits "Chocolate indulgence"
Soft cookies made from pumpkin
Cookies "Cubes"
Cookies chocolate orange "A La Madeleine"
Biscuits "Chicks for Easter"
Cookies walnut-chocolate "Black label"
"Very chocolate cookies"
Biscuits "Chile"
Biscuits "Chocolate miracle"
Cookies "Calla"
Biscuits "Cubes"
Cookies "CHOCO - craze"

Collected on this page, simple recipes biscuit cookies with photos to help anyone who is thinking about how to prepare biscuits at home, with his own hands, and looking for a reliable and affordable recipes. The authors of the following recipes is most lucidly explained the process of making this cookies, many recipes are accompanied by step-by-step photos of every sort out. Baking biscuit cookie with these recipes no one will seem difficult, because we read and prepare!