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Shortbread is distinguished by its tiny structure, it is very delicate, crumbly. Thanks to this, the shortbread does not stale for a long time and literally melts in the mouth.

Adults, and especially children, very fond of crumbly shortbread . You will be useful to learn this simple recipe. Homemade shortbread is a firm favourite of the tea parties. Let's talk about how to make shortbread. Shortbread cookies at home are prepared simply, and get tastier than purchased. A basic set of products to prepare the cookie dough is: flour, margarine, eggs, sugar, soda. You can prepare shortbread cookies on margarine or butter cookies shortbread home, the recipe is exactly the same. In the dough for cookies, you can add something else, for example, cottage cheese, receiving a gentle shortbread with cottage cheese. Or condensed milk, get a very fragrant shortbread. Recipe on margarine and butter are not the only ones, you can still cook shortbread on sour cream. Butter or margarine will still be there, but the sour cream will make a softer shortbread. A simple recipe will help you prepare shortbread quickly. Shortbread in a hurry will take you about an hour. Preparation of shortbread cookies: beat the yolks with margarine or butter, add flour, knead the dough, put it in the refrigerator. After half an hour, we take out, roll out the dough, cut it and send it to the oven, in 15 minutes your delicious shortbread will be ready . Even simple shortbread biscuits you can make an original cutting of a test of some figures.

Often shortbread is cooked with stuffing, there are a shortbread cookies recipe with jam, shortbread with nuts, shortbread kuraby with apricot jam.Those who are interested not only in the recipe of delicious shortbread cookies, but also the original in appearance, we offer to prepare shortbread cookies through a meat grinder. The recipe is exactly the same, all the salt is that the dough is passed through a meat grinder, as a result, the cookies become very original in shape. If you have little experience in confectionery art, choose shortbread (recipe with photo), with them to cook shortbread is simple. Take your laptop to the kitchen and start cooking shortbread, photo step by step will show you how it is prepared. There is another assistant for those who do not know how to make shortbread video.