Soft drinks - recipes with photo

The Drink "Tropical"
A drink made from orange peels
Vitamins all year round - orange and lemon.
Useful "Fanta"
Drink Spring
Pine ice cream
Champagne from elder flowers
Home "Fanta"
Apple juice
Ginger drink
Jelly wort
Rejuvenating tincture
Yogurt for kids
Coconut milk at home
Cucumber Cup
Cold coffee "Zhanna Aguzarova"

Alcohol free drinks quench thirst, give a special flavor to dishes, warm or cool, stimulate or calm. Besides, homemade soft drinks bring significant benefits to the body.

Conventionally, soft drinks can be divided into hot drinks and cold drinks. Recipes of non-alcoholic beverages can be very simple or more complex to prepare. Recipe of non-alcoholic beverages intended to get of the ingredients of the drink to desired taste and maximum benefit. Kvass, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, soft drinks, tea, coffee, jelly, soft drinks — all tasty and healthy soft drinks. Hot drinks will warm you in winter cold soft drink in the summer will give a welcome coolness. Preparation of non-alcoholic beverages at home — a guarantee of their genuineness and use. Non-alcoholic beverages at home are often harvested for future use, at any time of the year to enjoy their taste. If you want to try to cook some for you new drinks, photos recipes cooking soft drinks will help you to cook at home real home latte, or old Russian kvass.