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The marinade for barbecue
Grilled pork
Homemade chicken kebabs on skewers
Homemade Turkey barbecue in the beer marinade
Homemade Turkey kebab in tomato marinade
Delicious barbecue
Skewers of lamb
Skewers, marinated in yogurt
Barbecue chicken
Skewers in white wine
Kebab "Lemonhead"
Barbecue "Family"
Barbecue in the Bank
Shashlik "Country"
Barbecue "at home"
Kebab "Drunken pig"
The shish kebab marinated in wine
The marinade sauce is "Journey to China"
Chicken kebab
Skewer the recipe for my husband

Picnic – a piece of meat dishes, grilled over a fire on skewers and strung. Barbecue recipe is of Asian origin. "Shi" from the Crimean Tatar translates as "peaks", "bayonet", "spit" and "picnic" – strung on a spit.

In favor of this Asian blue origin to talk not only its name, but the barbecue cooking – to cook and eat meat in the desert and finely chopped deficit nalsa in connection with the steppe wood faster the areas. Therefore, the touch and sun is well known that around the city of van cooking and a delicious picnic or in Asia in the Caucasus in the middle. The recipe for a delicious kebab – cooking business Asian counts. Cones, shashlykov their new recipes of different peoples. Kebabs may differ marinating (soaking skewers), Fig. kebab ways. How to marinate secrets from generation to generation in the new passed Caucasian generation of hereditary picnic chefs, picnic how to fry properly. But the Russian people of the XVIII century for the first time learned about the picnic thanks to the Turkish war. I must say, caught on shish kebabs installation throughout Russia.
After three hundred years how to cook a picnic a picnic a picnic or how to dunk how to marinate, in theory we all know, but that's a real prihodova fragrant, soft, juicy exotic MindArk turns picnic into practice is not new. To know how to cook a picnic, it would be good to watch the master of the work or watch a video: picnic need to know when to turn when ubavi/added koyin when shooting. In this video recipe really skewers the sense of help.
And, if you decided to cook a picnic, rice recipe for meat and the Commissioner are not Vido different ingredients bunch of friends. Can be used for any principle of kebab in Meat, but for a real picnic picnic or extra colt of lamb from the classical tradition. If you love pork era, it turns out the neck of the best picnics.
Perhaps the most important point of marinating kebab Recipe. The answer to the question "how to marinate kebab for meat?"there are many. Usually I use salt, pepper Shem, onion, herbs, lemon, spices other. A few words about how to marinate a picnic. 15-30 minutes before a picnic in frying add salt portion of the main Lucho, otherwise the Board can release todat juice Masi. One of the ingredients glavnye – angle, so many kebab onion does not happen. Nice flavor and Good vegetables soften add the meat juices opthalmia, remarkable imagination, and tomato. If you exotic Berezina Vystavkin, add to the meat pomegranate, oranges or even Sami. Hour 3-4 places and wait for the pan cool walakum. Van guaranteed mega kebabs Super!
Time aside, and rush chronic shortage, many are wondering how prihodova the installation of a picnic. Therefore, podskaji like picnic marinated installation: Commissioner added to the standard set for white wines ad (but not vinegar!), kefir or beer: the kebab will be finished in 2-3 hours of marinating. Fast of van is a free picnic!
In home picnic – the picnic, too, but C. shashlyk, prigotovlen like OK and in nature. Pakhnutov not homemade barbecue Dymko, recoi, swezey may greens. And of course the most delicious picnic lose even any sense if you eat it without a view, fresh vegetables and, especially, alone. Gather your friends, go to nature, prepare a picnic, take a photo as new recipes with photos we shish kebab place bucket. And thousands of people every year on the eve of the holiday looking for may that how to cook a picnic, picnic how to cook, how to cook a picnic, How to marinate meat on a picnic, picnic cooking as delicious as delicious, how to cook a picnic, how to soak a picnic, picnic marinate as delicious as delicious, how to marinate a picnic, picnic marinate properly, thank you