Cooking in grills - recipes with photo

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes
Chicken wings "Mexico"
Stuffed potatoes in aerogrill
The meat in the pot
Baked potato halves
Lunch in aerogrill
Cold-smoked mackerel
"The frogs on the bump"
Chicken Ukrainian
Pork ribs with baked potatoes in the convection oven
Muesli pancakes in aerogrill
Apples stuffed with beets (in convection oven)
Hot sandwiches "Exotic" in grills
Pie zucchini "Fragrant"
Barbecue home
Chanakhi in aerogrill
Pork in Danish in aerogrill
Barbecue in aerogrill
Pork with vegetables in aerogrill
Burgers "Hunting"

The most delicious dishes cooked in aerogrill - simple recipes for aerogrill. Now you will always know what can be cooked in aerogrill.