Dishes pita bread - recipes with photo

Roll with chicken
Roll of pita with salad
Rolls with red fish
Fake sushi
Appetizer of pita bread with minced meat
Roll with Fetaki
Sushi in Russian
Georgian roll
Roll of pita
Pitas meat
Shawarma "Home"
Delicious rolls
Roll fish
Envelopes with greenery, "Spring has come"
Roll - "Hello youth"
Rolls with red fish
Meatloaf with canned fish
Roll with ham
Roll of pita bread with crab sticks

Lavash, as you know, is a thin white bread, characteristic of the Caucasian peoples and the peoples of the Middle East. Lavash is eaten as ordinary bread, but it is also wrapped in a different filling. So prepare a variety of dishes from lavash.

Recipes from lavash is usually a variety of snacks. They are easy to cook, they look beautiful, finally, dishes with pita bread are very tasty. For these reasons, many are so interested in what to make from lavash, what to wrap in lavash, how to cook lavash for Shawarma, what can be made from lavash quickly, how to cook lavash. Recipes with lavash thanks to the convenience of cooking were quickly mastered fast food, which began to offer us their dishes from lavash. Recipes for home-made pita of course differ and homemade pita are always delicious. But first you need to decide on the filling for lavash. Are you interested in what you can wrap in lavash? Anything. Make pita bread with mushrooms, pita bread with meat, pita with minced meat, pita bread with caviar vegetable, lavash Korean carrot, pita bread with ham, pita bread with red caviar, lavash with cheese, lavash cheese, pita bread stuffed with fish, even the pita bread with canned goods. Depending on your needs and tastes, you can choose pita dishes in the oven, pita dishes on the grill, pita dishes in the pan.

Now about how to cook lavash. Preparation of a pita it is possible to learn at home. You can bake lavash in a pan, lavash in the oven. There are many ways how to prepare dough for lavash. But even from flour, water and salt you can cook delicious pita. It is very important to roll out the pita well to get a thin pita. The recipe for thin lavash often includes an egg in the ingredients, which binds the dough well and allows you to finely roll out the future lavash. Recipe lavash may also include yeast, leaven. There are also sweet dishes made of thin lavash. Another option for what to cook from thin pita — to use it as puff pastry and cook a puff or puff pastry. To properly prepare the pita bread and wrap in a filling, we suggest you recipes from pita to lavash recipes with photos, dish of pita bread with photos, recipes with pita bread with a photo.