Pancakes - recipes with photo

The knot-pie
Pancakes with juice
Pancakes made from applesauce
Green pancakes
Banana pancakes
Grandma's pancakes
Pancakes "the Green smoothie"
Chocolate chip pancakes
Pancakes with eggs
Cabbage pancakes with Apple
Apple pancakes
Pancakes "With love"
Pancake "Cake-pie"
Cheesecakes "Clean pen"
Pancakes with pineapple!!!!
Cottage cheese "tropiska"
Crumpets with pineapple flavor
Apple pancakes

Pancakes – the dish of batter, pour on a hot frying surface with the fat. This is probably one of the oldest flour products, but there are a lot of secrets. If you are interested in delicious pancakes recipes like pancakes, recipes how to cook pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, batter for pancakes, simple pancake recipes with photos, here are hundreds of recipes for you!