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Muffins with raisins
Homemade pasties
Spicy Mexican pizza
Diet oatmeal pancakes
Pie with berries
Donuts "Moscow"
Cottage cheese donuts
Shortcake cupcakes with raisins
Cupcake "Gehry"
Doughnuts Berliner
Cupcakes "tea"
Christmas Stollen cottage cheese
Dumplings of duck
Yeast cake stuffed with black currant and sour cream filling

Home baking creates an indescribable atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the house.

Baking can be called any dish created on the basis of flour by baking in the oven, in a frying pan, etc. Types of products-baking a lot. These include pies, pancakes, cheesecakes, cakes, pizza, khachapuri, cookies, pies, etc. The process of making these treats is also called baking. How cozy it becomes in the house when the whole family gathers at the table with homemade cakes!

Of course, it is much easier to run to the nearest store and buy everything that your heart desires. Good – shop today cakes no surprise she has in abundance. However, fresh, fragrant, delicious homemade cakes are something more than just a dough product, it pleases, creates a mood and aura in the house. When you made this dish yourself, especially from products whose origin and quality you know, you guaranteed absolute safety and freshness of your cooking. Baking will be perfect! However, the time you need to spend a little more than a simple trip to the store, but it's worth it. Moreover, there are recipes for quick baking, simple baking, or as they say, baking hastily. In the oven all products are prepared in these simple recipes come out just great. Baking hastily will help you out in the most unexpected situations when there is no time to think with a treat.

Baking recipes are diverse and numerous. It all depends on what kind of dough products you like more: there are sweet pastries, pastry, yeast, yeast-free, puff, etc. Simple baking recipes can be found from any of these types of dough. But we must bear in mind that the best baking – it's not always easy. The best baking recipes involve considerable effort in the manufacture of dough, the formation of the product, its decoration and manufacture. They usually involve a large number of ingredients, compliance with the proportions of which is a very important condition for success.

Many young Housewives are trying to learn the cakes recipes with pictures of finished products. This is the right and easy way. Baking recipes with pictures more understandable. That's how it turns out home baking is simple and delicious, recipes with photos do their job. And you prepare your favorite home-made recipes are available on our website, look carefully. Our best baking recipes in a hurry, homemade baking recipes, simple baking recipes, baking recipes with photos simple and easy you will definitely like.

An important condition for the preparation of very tasty pastries, recipes should be taken as a basis, and to their production you need to put your soul, imagination. To begin with, you can apply simple baking recipes for every day, but if you want to holiday at home was more often, learn how to cook a real holiday delicious pastries, recipes with photos at your service. This homemade cakes, recipes with photos that you choose, like your loved ones, they will constantly ask you to cook this dish.

In General, the recipes delicious pastries, as well as baking recipes are simple, should be in the Arsenal of every housewife. After all, it is fast baking for tea, homemade sweet pastries will help you out in the event of the arrival of unexpected, but pleasant guests for you.

Definitely learn to cook pastries, simple recipes contain at least products and require a little time.

How to cook any, for example, sweet pastries, recipes with photos will tell you in detail, and we will only give a few useful tips:
- the fastest way to prepare shortbread. Its basis – butter or margarine;
- quick baking can be done from the finished dough. On sale there is always yeast, puff pastry. Serves from it require the least amount of time;
- it is easy to prepare the so-called bulk pies, the filling in them, as a rule, does not require any special heat treatment;
- the usual baking is hastily prepared in the oven or on the stove, usually with a lot of oil;
- before baking, carefully study the recipe. Make sure that the necessary products are prepared;
- new recipes for you first try on a small amount of products, and it is better first for yourself and not for guests;
- most of the products that are prepared in the oven, require preheating the oven. So the baking process will be more efficient and faster;
- preparing simple cakes in a hurry, use simple available food, not delicacies;
- all components for the preparation of the dough should not be cold. After removing them from the refrigerator, it is desirable to heat the products a little, for example, using a microwave oven.