Pasta - recipes with photo

Pasta with a sauce of palm oil
Lasagna with mushrooms and olives
Tagliatelle with ham and cheese
Pasta with shrimp and green peas
Cannelloni with meat sauce
Spaghetti with cheese sauce
Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce
Pasta Italian
Pasta with vegetable dressing
Linguini with chicken beans and tomatoes
Spaghetti "Bolognese"
Spaghetti in a creamy mushroom sauce
Cannelloni with meat and mushrooms
Spaghetti sauce
Pasta cheese with ham
Tagliatelle with mushrooms
Noodles in a sauce of chicken liver with tomatoes
Seafood pasta
Spaghetti with spicy vegetable sauce and cheese

Pasta is an Italian dish consisting of two main components: any pasta and sauce. Although the recipe for cooking pasta came to us from Italy, the dish is so popular that today how to cook pasta know many cooks.

Recipes of Italian pasta are numerous. The most loved by many are pasta Carbonara , pasta Bolognese, pasta with seafood, pasta with shrimp, pasta with mushrooms, pasta with chicken, pasta with mushrooms and chicken, pasta with cheese (Parmesan). However, we often confuse pasta with sauce, using the phrase "pasta for pasta", "pasta for spaghetti", "pasta recipe for spaghetti", which is absolutely wrong. Italian pasta is prepared according to strict rules: pasta for pasta should be a little undercooked (to the state of "al dente" – "on the tooth"), the sauce is prepared separately, use only olive oil. Otherwise, cooking pasta is a creative process. You can create your own pasta recipe, coming up with, for example, the original sauce for spaghetti. But if you want to please your loved ones with classic pasta, we recommend you the recipe "pasta Bolognese" recipe "pasta Carbonara" or recipe "pasta with chicken". This will help you especially our pasta recipes with photos.

A few tips on how to cook pasta: - when cooking pasta, use a lot of water to cook pasta; - for pasta, use only pasta made from durum durum durum; - if the recipe for cooking pasta involves the use of tomatoes, remove the peel from them, pre-doused with boiling water.