Desserts - recipes with photo

Milk chocolates
Festive dessert
Pears according to the recipe of Victor Hugo
Ginger cookies
Parfait with persimmon
Crispy honey cones
Ice cream "Sherbet"
Vanilla-chocolate cheesecake-cheesecake
Orange stuffed
White roses
Two tone cupcake with cherries and chocolate
Fruit salad
"Broken glass"
Peanut butter with hazelnuts and honey
Dessert "pigeon milk"
"Count ruins"
Apple sambuk
Cottage cheese and pear dessert

In the broad sense of the word, dessert is a sweet dish that is served at the end of the meal. Therefore, desserts include most of the various sweets. But in a narrow sense, these are sweets that are difficult to accurately attributed to their most famous groups. Although all this is very conditional. Read dessert recipes, look at the photos of desserts - the main thing that the dessert was delicious, and as we call it: cake, cake or dessert - it is not so important.