Fish rolls - recipes with photo

Rolls of crab sticks
Salmon rolls with cheese
Snack "Flavor Of Spring"
Salmon rolls with cream cheese on cucumber slices
"Green" pancake rolls with salmon
Appetizer "Fur coat"
Roll with fish salad
Rolls of herring
Snack strudel choux pastry
"Rolls" "Pancake"
Fish balls "Star"
Salmon roulade with spinach
Fish roulade
Salad "Mimosa" in field option
Roll out potato dough with fish-mushroom stuffing
Eateries rolls
"Tenderness" roll out puff pastry with very tender original filling
Fish roll "Baton"
Egg roll with herring
Roll "Herring under a fur coat"

Unusual fish dishes can become a "star" of the festive table. Creatively designed, it will receive positive ratings and sophisticated gourmets, and unpretentious fans, but most importantly - will not remain unnoticed culinary talent and hospitality of the hostess.

So, how to cook fish in an original way to surprise the participants of the meal with the refinement of taste and beauty of the presentation? One of the most profitable and interesting answers to this question is the recipes of fish rolls. Having the appropriate experience and knowledge of the compatibility of products, it will be easy to come up with the author's treat, but it is easier and more convenient to use ready-made solutions, supported by step-by-step descriptions and photos.

Masters of culinary art offer various options for the preparation of rolls: minced or fillet, from different types of fish or specific, having special taste characteristics, with vegetables or cheese, rice, caviar, spinach, herbs, gelatin. Depending on the selected recipe, you can prepare a main course or a delicious snack. A good addition to the treats can be spicy sauce - sour cream, Caribbean, lemon, salsa, potato, honey-mustard, etc.