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Cake poppy
Cake honey-lemon
Cake "Myshkin joy"
Cake "Monastyrskaya izba"
Cake "POPs"
Gingerbread house
Pear cake
Chocolate orange miracle
Cake "Christmas bump"
Chocolate cake with prunes
Pumpkin cake
Cake "Coffee with milk"
Lemon waffles
Cake "Ministerial"
Cake "Star"
Cake "Slavonian"
Black and white cheesecake
Cake "Hut"
Cake "Nut"
Baked cheese cake

Cake – sweet cake, usually consisting of several layers (layers and layers of cream or jam). Cake Central dessert dish of many festive events: a wedding cake, birthday cake. Preparation and decoration of the cake is always a special concern for chefs and home cooks. Because it is a beautiful delicious cake is the crowning glory of the festive evening, his waiting for him to "leave room" for guests. All those interested in cake recipes with pictures, easy cake recipe, easy cake recipe, recipe yummy cake, homemade cake, the secrets of baking cakes, how to make cake at home, how to decorate a cake, you will find the answers to their questions among the nearly three thousand recipes of cakes on our website.

Cakes home cooking not often, usually for some reason. That's why you just have to get the cake delicious. And it is very important to the celebratory cake was not only delicious, but also beautiful.
If you want to earn the love of children and the location of adults, learn to cook cakes. First, you will master a simple cake, and then you will be under the power of unusual cakes and original cakes. So, let's talk how to prepare a cake.
Cake recipes often pass from parents to children, have a favorite family cakes, which are usually prepared during festive occasion. But even the recipe of delicious cake sooner or later get bored, and I want to prepare some new cake unusual. Recipes delicious cakes do not have to be complicated, there are recipes for simple cakes, but very tasty. There are cakes and there are cakes or simple cakes quick when you need to cook some delicious dessert. Recipes for quick cakes rescue the hostess when house guests suddenly appeared. Recipes light cake, it's different waffle cakes, sand pies, a variety of smetanichi. Recipe quick cake from our childhood, is a cake soaked in condensed milk. A well-known recipe is simple cake this is a cake cookie, which has many variations. Other cakes are easy, it's manna cake on kefir. There are recipes for simple cakes without baking it cheese cakes, cakes and cookies. Also saves time quick cake in the microwave, it's called "the Moment."
Many women like sweets, but it is bad for the figure. Way - to cook a cake is easy. Of course, to prepare a low calorie cake, it is not an easy task. But it may be some kind of cake with fruit. Fruit cakes can be done on the cake and pour the fruit jelly, it turns out very beautiful and delicious. Don't forget that the right cakes, the cakes delicious and beautiful cakes. The original cake you can cook and decorate it with fondant, cream, chocolate. You too can come up with some unusual cakes, the main thing to prove in this case your imagination and you definitely get the cake beautiful. To learn how to cook a cake and how to decorate the cake, we recommend you to check out our cake recipes with photos.