Dishes from cereals and legumes in multivarka - recipes with photo

Spicy fruit pilaf
Porridge "Przemyska for Thumbelina"
Macaroni with liver in a slow cooker
Pumpkin porridge
Pilaf from a mixture of Golden and wild rice in a slow cooker
Milk corn porridge in multivarka
Rice porridge
Buckwheat porridge with stewed meat
Millet porridge milk
Pilaf pork in a slow cooker
Fruity pilaf "Orange miracle"
Kulesh in Ukrainian in a slow cooker
Buckwheat on-kupecheski with meat and mushrooms
Millet porridge in a slow cooker
Vegetable porridge of rice, "Jasmine"
Millet porridge with milk
Buckwheat country-style potatoes
Corn grits with chicken in a slow cooker
Pilaf with meatballs
Sweet pilaf with dried fruit