Cookies - recipes with photo

Chocolate hedgehogs
Biscotti honey
Cottage cheese biscuits
Cheese sticks
Biscuits "Fingers of the bride"
Biscuits "Negro"
Cookies from potatoes
Oatmeal cookies
Cookies made from cornflakes
Biscuits from the curd
Milk biscuits
Biscuit sticks "Cat's tongues"
Cookies "Like corn"
Cookie "Cigarettes"
Cookies "Coconut balls"
Cookies "Belochkin gift"
Crispy sesame-coconut cookies
Biscuits with muesli
Cookies A "Fast"

Cookies are small pieces of baked sweet dough. What could be better and more convenient cookies for everyday tea or coffee? Delicious cookies will not only please the taste, but also strengthen the strength. If you love homemade cookies and you need cookie recipes with photos, simple cookies in a hurry, want to learn how to cook cookies, how to bake cookies – about two thousand cookie recipes are waiting for you on our website.