Skewers of poultry - recipes with photo

Chicken kebabs with pineapple in the oven
Chicken kebab "Student"
Legs "Special" on a picnic
The most delicious chicken kebab and its secrets
Skewers of chicken wings with cheese in tomato sauce
Skewers of quail
Chicken wings marinated with pureed tomatoes
Chicken kebabs in a soy-ginger marinade
Chicken skewers in the oven
Drumsticks in soy sauce and ketchup
Chicken skewers with soy-peanut marinade
Skewers of chicken tails
Chicken kebab in Turkish
Chicken kebabs in a mustard-soy marinade
Chicken skewers in the marinade a La tartare
Legs inside out with cheese corn
Chicken thighs in yogurt and soy sauce
Spicy chicken skewers with lemon scones
Thighs in onion marinade
Chicken legs stuffed with arugula and lemon zest