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Oatmeal cookies with orange zest
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Oatmeal cookies
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Oatmeal cookies
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Oatmeal cookies
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Oatmeal cookies with honey
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Biscuits "Walkers"

Oatmeal cookies are one of the most popular types of homemade cookies. The benefits of oatmeal, ease of preparation, pleasant taste, variability — there are many reasons that you have prepared some delicious oatmeal cookies at home.

For lovers of oatmeal cookies, we offer to choose a recipe for cookies from oat flakes. The recipe of home-made cookies will help you to prepare a very tasty confectionery, which is not always found in the most exquisite confectionery. If you have little time to cook, you should choose a simple oatmeal cookies. Despite all the simplicity, you will get a real delicious oatmeal cookies, a simple recipe will take you about half an hour. And if you want to get something special, there is a wide choice. Homemade oatmeal cookies — a recipe that can be made even tastier by adding a variety of ingredients. Prepare oatmeal cookies with chocolate, oatmeal cookies with cottage cheese, oatmeal cookies with honey. To cooked oatmeal cookies at home was more useful, make oatmeal cookies with raisins, oatmeal cookies with nuts. You can also add oatmeal cookies and fresh fruit, such as oatmeal cookies recipes with apples, oatmeal cookies with banana. But you can, on the contrary, exclude certain ingredients, for example, if you want to bake diet oatmeal cookies. The recipe for such a cookie usually excludes one or more high-calorie ingredients. These are oatmeal cookies without butter, oatmeal cookies without eggs, oatmeal cookies without flour. If you want to cook a delicious and soft oatmeal cookies diet, prepare oatmeal cookies on kefir. I must say that is perfect for dieters and children such dietary cookies from oat flakes. The photo will reveal to you all the subtleties of how to cook oatmeal cookies quickly and tasty. With it, you can prepare the first time this oatmeal cookies. The recipe with photos is useful for another reason. You can see how to decorate oatmeal cookies, photos will help in this matter. Then be sure to invite your loved ones to a Cup of tea, and put on the table your homemade oatmeal cookies. Oatmeal cookie recipe after that probably ask one of your guests.