Pies - recipes with photo

Pie with berries
Yeast cake stuffed with black currant and sour cream filling
Pie "Lemon"
Pie with egg and cabbage filling
Pie "alligator"
Apple pie
Irish Apple pie
Cabbage pie
Pie with sorrel
Potato cakes with sprats
Fish pie
Potato pie with feta cheese
Banana cake
Sweet pie "Without much hassle"
Pie with sauerkraut, onion and egg
Pie-Apple pie bread with black currant
Pie with chicken giblets

How to classify pie recipes with a huge variety of delicious muffins? In General, there are two large groups: closed and open baking.

In the first case, two layers of dough are needed, between which the filling is pinched. Since the dough is mostly baked, it is necessary to take care that the inner layer is semi-finished and not too juicy – otherwise the core will remain raw. A kind of closed pie – filler. There is no basis, the filling is laid out on a bare baking sheet and filled with a very liquid dough that binds the products. In open pies, the additives are evenly spread on the surface and bent. For variety, you can decorate the top of the test grid, fill the whites or sauce.

Among the varieties of baked goods with additives. Such a muffin is one continuous layer: Mannik, sour cream, cottage cheese casserole, biscuit. According to taste differences pies are dessert and snack. The first option – with sweet ingredients: fresh and canned fruit or berries, chocolate, jam, jams, dried fruits. Baking the next category is equal to the second course, as it replaces a full meal. With vegetables, in particular potatoes, cereals, meat, minced meat, offal, fish, mushrooms.