Soup - recipes with photo

Chicken soup with young cabbage
Soup of sauerkraut without meat
Soup spring
Russian cabbage soup from cabbage
Soup of sauerkraut with mushrooms
Soup with meatballs
Soup of Brussels sprouts
Blank student soup
The cabbage soup
Soup with seaweed
Soup green
Soup "Per Diem"
Russian cabbage soup from fresh cabbage with mushrooms
Soup with catfish
My soup
Cheese soup
Soup with anchovies in tomato sauce
"Grandma's soup" sour cabbage with mushrooms
Soup of sauerkraut

Soup is the first course, a kind of filling soup. If you are interested in questions: soup, soup recipe, how to cook soup, how to cook soup, soup recipe, then there are hundreds of delicious answers.

Cabbage soup, Russian national dish. They differ in sour taste, created by sauerkraut, usually used in cabbage soup. But acid can give and other plants, for example, sorrel, nettle, or neutral grass with the ensuing dressing cabbage or other brine. Bookmark vegetables in the soup is usually made in raw form, without pre-frying. The liquid basis of soup can serve as meat, fish, mushroom broths, broths from vegetables or cereals. Completely vegetable soup called "empty". Well-known "daily" soup, which acquire their taste only a day after their preparation. Often soup "whiten" sour cream, cream or milk.

Tips on how to cook soup:
When cooking cabbage soup put in cold broth (or water), and stew – in boiling.
Delicious soup can be prepared even from very sour cabbage. To do this, a portion of sauerkraut to replace the fresh. In this case, only sauerkraut is stewed, and fresh is put in a boiling broth.
Soup of fresh cabbage without potatoes is recommended to fill with fried flour.
Shchi themselves have a delicate taste and delicate aroma, so do not add tomato to them, it is desirable to limit the number of spices.
Prepare soup according to our recipe, take a photo of your soup and place it under the recipe - treat all your soup. Let everyone learn how to cook delicious soup!