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Okroshka is a cold first dish of national Russian cuisine. The answer to the question "how to make okroshka" is already in the name of this dish.

The hash recipe is simple: in fact, you should only chop almost any vegetables, add the herbs and cover with water. So, born once in Russia, the first hash on kvass. Today in the hash are often part of a previously unknown Russian man vegetables. How to cook okroshka?

The recipe for cooking okroshka involves several stages: preparation of vegetable mass from chopped small cubes of vegetables with a neutral taste (boiled potatoes, turnips, carrots, rutabaga, fresh cucumbers); addition of boiled meat or fish at will; addition of a special okroshechnaya dressing; tincture of the resulting mass for about half an hour; addition of spicy greens; filling with kvass; addition of sour cream and chopped egg protein.

Okroshka filling is prepared from crushed in a small amount of kvass or cucumber pickle, mustard, green onions, black pepper, horseradish and egg yolks. For okroshka on kvass, a special white kvass is used. The wort of this kvass is prepared from three types of flour (rye buckwheat and wheat), two types of malt (rye and barley), and sourdough with mint. To cook is no ordinary vegetable soup, and a hearty meat soup, the meat used is boiled, low-fat, different varieties. Fish is taken with sweet and not bony meat – it is tench, pike, sturgeon, cod. However, today, when cooking okroshka at home to save time, they make okroshka with sausage. Often kvass is used not special okroshka, and the usual bread kvass and okroshka dressing in General is not prepared.

Today, in addition to the classic okroshka on kvass, there are other options for okroshka, recipes are very diverse: okroshka on kefir, okroshka on serum, okroshka on sour cream, okroshka on mayonnaise, okroshka with vinegar, bread okroshka, okroshka on broth, tarator - Bulgarian okroshka on yogurt, and even dietary okroshka on mineral water (on mineral water) - to reduce caloric content.

If You have figured out how to cook okroshka, and You get a delicious okroshka, place in the comments under the recipe photo okroshka and Your tips on how to do okroshka. Recipe with photos will be useful to many.