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Pickle with chicken broth
Pickle for pork ribs
Vegetable pickle
Pickle with mushrooms
Soup pickle "Special"
The pickle peasant
Pickle pot with goat cheese "Feta"
Pickle quick
Pickle meatballs
Pickle "Elena"
Pickle with beans
Pickle fish without potatoes
Pickle "Village"
Pickle with chicken

Pickle — the first dish of Russian cuisine, soup, the recipe of which is based on pickles or cucumber brine. It is interesting that a pickle in Russia for a long time called pie.

According to historians, in the notebook N.In. Gogol was: "Pickle – chicken pot pie, buckwheat stuffing polivaetsya brine, eggs, chopped". This recipe pickle Gogol then used in "Dead souls": Thrifty landowner Box among other supplies of food carried in his carriage and pickle pie. But the prototype of the modern classic soup rassolnik is considered soup-hookah, which has long been prepared in Russia. Hookah - fish or meat soup, cooked on cucumber brine, lemon juice, cabbage brine, sometimes with the addition of kvass. Recipe cagli was modified, the name was changed to more clear — pickle, i.e., prepared in brine. But the very essence of how to cook pickle, remained the same. Pickle soup can be meat, vegetarian and mushroom. Pickles boiled meat as meat (including poultry meat, for example — a pickle with chicken) and meat offal: rassolnik with kidneys, heart, bird offal, even soup with sausage. Pickle is prepared with vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, carrots, less common pickle with tomato. Vegetable pickle can also include turnip, radish and other root crops. Pickle with pearl barley and pickle with rice — the most common recipes. Pickle classic - with pearl barley. Recipe pickle with pearl barley otherwise called pickle Leningrad. But in the home pickle and pickle Moscow barley is usually not put. Recipe pickle with chicken, aka Moscow pickle, provides for the preparation of pickle on chicken broth, it is cooked with boiled chicken. If you are still wondering how to cook pickle with a bird, use the advice of French chefs – use duck meat and duck giblets.

Finally, the caloric content of the pickle varies from 50 to 230 Kcal - depending on the ingredients and the recipe of the pickle. So how to cook pickle is a matter not only of taste, but also of skill. But if you learn how to cook this simple and delicious first dish, it will help you out many times and will be a reliable number of your culinary repertoire.

How to cook pickle: our tips

If you cook the soup pickle with potatoes, put pickles at the end of cooking, otherwise the potatoes will become hard.

If the soup is not rich enough, add the boiled cucumber brine.

How to prepare the pickle with rice. Classic pickle with rice will be transparent, if before cooking and washed over-sorted rice for 3-5 minutes to put in boiling water, and then throw on a sieve

Delicious pickle — pickle with pickles.

Pickles can be replaced with pickles.

The recipe for making pickle can contain not only barley. Pearl barley can be replaced with millet, buckwheat.

How to cook pickle with barley. Good taste and color gives pearl barley, cooked as follows. Pearl barley is well washed in warm water, throw on a sieve, fry in oil until Golden brown. Need to cook right in the broth. As a result of this treatment, the cooking time is reduced

Do not serve the finished dish immediately – it, like most filling soups better to infuse a little and "walk".

Pickle better not to salt, and add more brine. We wish you good luck and do not forget to post a photo of your production pickle on our website, because we also want to enjoy your success.