Hot meals - recipes with photo

Stuffed pike
Meat in breadcrumbs
Eggplant with mushrooms under sour cream
Meat grape leaves
Casserole with chicken liver
Casserole "Chicken under a fur coat"
Rice with vegetables
Chicken cutlets
The perfect chicken breast
Escalope of pork with cheese
Mushroom pudding
Chicken in beer
Lemon chicken
Zrazy semolina with meat
Country tavern
Grilled salmon egg
Meat hedgehogs
Roast in the pot
Omelet in a clay Cup

In this page You will find selected recipes of dishes every day that are not only delicious but also pleasing to the eye appearance. Delicious, simple recipes cooking with step by step photos will help you to learn culinary skills. Expecting guests and don't know what to apply for hot? What to cook on the second? The answer to this question here!