Pate - recipes with photo

Pate on potato chips
Homemade pate
Chopped herring with nuts
Liver pate
The chicken liver pate with brandy
Hepatic "Rafaelli"
Pate liver
The chicken liver pate
Liver pate
The chicken liver pate
Sausage pate
"Raffaello" from the liver
Pate "the joy of the Ukrainians"
Pate liver "lazy"
French kiss
Liver pate
Liver pate with pieces of meat
Pate "Burda"
The pasting of "False caviar"
Mushroom pate

Pate is a special kind of minced meat, that is, chopped meat or fish pulp in a meat grinder or by hand, possibly with the addition of vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, oil and spices. Liver pate, the recipes of which are the most popular, is often used for sandwiches or as a filling for pies. Liver pate is tasty and satisfying. But other pates have their own taste and their fans. We have six recipes of pies – your choice!