Cocktail - recipes with photo

Cocktail "exit to Eden"
Cocktail "Mojito"
Cocktail "Screwdriver"
Cup "Family"
The Cocktail "Tequila Sunrise"
A sparkling cocktail
Cocktail "Bomb"
Cocktail Irish coffee
Cocktail of Baileys
Cocktail "Crazy coconut"
Berry Daiquiri
Variations on a theme "Mojito"
Cocktail a La "Daiquiri" with melon
Cocktail with honey
Cocktail "Ice cream in champagne"
Milk cocktail "Honey"
Classic orange punch
Cocktail "Rush"
Cocktail "Necklace"
Cocktail "Not now, honey"

Cocktail - a drink obtained by mixing several other drinks. Cocktails, recipes, which contain alcohol, respectively, are called alcoholic.

Recipes alcoholic cocktails amaze imagination ingenuity, a combination of seemingly incompatible ingredients, its design in the glass and appearance. Almost all cocktails and ask for a photo. And of course, the main thing in cocktails is their taste. The most popular, already classic cocktails are Mojito, bloody Mary, Pina colada and B52. How to make cocktails? There are two main processes — mixing and design.

Alcoholic cocktails are a variety, presented as one type of alcohol, and several. There are cocktails with vodka, cocktails with rum, cocktails with Martini, cocktails with whiskey, cocktails with tequila, cocktails with absinthe, cocktails with Malibu, cocktails with cognac, cocktails with Baileys, cocktails with gin, cocktails with liquor, cocktails with Sambuca, cocktails with champagne, cocktails with vermouth, Sambuca cocktail, cocktails with Bacardi. Coffee cocktails with alcohol harmoniously emphasize the taste of coffee. And the names of the cocktails! They speak for themselves, usually implying what to expect from a person who drank such a cocktail: cocktail orgasm, cocktail sex on the beach, cocktail blue lagoon, cocktail Hiroshima, cocktail white Russian and black Russian cocktail, Daiquiri cocktail, cosmopolitan cocktail. Often, the cocktail recipe hides some interesting story, such as Margarita cocktail, bloody Mary cocktail, b 52 cocktail, long island cocktail, Mojito cocktail, Pina colada cocktail, Manhattan cocktail. Who doesn't remember a James bond cocktail? Martini and vodka - "Shaken, not stirred!".

Although at home you may miss the right atmosphere for a cocktail, alcoholic cocktails at home is easy to prepare. Do not forget only to make cocktails at home you may need special bar accessories — shaker, blender, mixing glass. How to make a cocktail you can ask the bartender, but we recommend you to use our recipes for cocktails. For example, if you are waiting for guests, be sure to see the recipe for a Mojito cocktail or Margarita cocktail recipe. And all will be tasty and fun.