Cold soups recipes

3.4k - 120м 8
Many researchers of Eastern cultures claim that it is a wonderful light and satisfying dish came to us from South Korea. This is evidenced not only thin noodles, which is its Foundation, but also rich specific spicy taste which gives the dish a special freshness and piquancy. Its name comes from the Korean word "Mexicali" — the mixture of different vegetables included in the soup. For the first time this dish, I had the opportunity to try not long ago, visiting Korean families, our friends, however, they lived all his life in Russia in Krasnodar, but I love native cuisine and cook Cooksey soul. I was pleasantly surprised and now I cook it is along this family recipe itself. I suggest to you to get acquainted with another recipe of a delicious cold soup that I'm sure will take its place in your cookbook and would be approved by my family and friends. This soup is simple, although it may seem like too long to prepare, believe me, it is not. Another great feature of the soup that all zagotovochki can be done in advance at home, this taste will only become richer, noodles buy Cooksey-mechenko, it is not necessary to cook - just soak in water, and the nature to enjoy a wonderful combination of fresh vegetables and tender meat with a refreshing broth. + bonus starter salad from kuksi with a sweet chili - lime from Blue Dragon on a potato flapjack
3.3k - 200м -
Traditional Korean dish. Long guessed, what it is, when they ate at a friend's Koreans. It is now one of the favorite dishes in my family. And friends and praising him because I've never tried it. Functions similar to a hash, in hot weather. Secret recipe from my mother, convinced her to post this recipe Cooksey of the crown here.
Okroshka on kefir
2.7k 5 30м -
How I cook it. Love it on a hot summer afternoon.
Latvian cold soup "Vasara"
2.5k - 20м 4
Vasara in translation from Latvian it means - summer. I know, the site already has a great variety of different Sokolnikov, but our Latvian version has its own unique features. He certainly is prepared on the basis of pickled beets and add mayonnaise. For opponents of the affordable and mayonnaise version of the diet.
Nancy Korean hash
2.4k - 15м 2
I guess every kitchen in the world there are cold soups. In Korea this soup is called Nancy. "Nan" means "cold", and "Kuk" — "soup." Instead our brew Nancy pour a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar and water. And keep everything very loose.
Kuk-si with meat and spring salad in Korean
2.3k 5 60м -
Anyone who likes Korean cuisine, and those who haven't tried. My favorite dish in the hot summer day. Well, of course, I recommend to those who after the festive gatherings, the next morning not feeling at ease, that is, simply put, was a little too much fun. Encourages tested!
Turkish Gagik
2.1k - 10м 1
Very light, tasty dish that somewhat resembles our Russian okroshka. Suitable for all who are dieting. Goes well with meat, with pilaf. Try it! To your health!!!
Dovga with cabbage
2k - 30м -
Dear hostess!!! Offer you Dovga. Dovga - Azerbaijani national dish. It is served cold in summer thirst quencher. Very tasty. I recommend to anyone!
Dovga Baku
2k 4.5 50м -
Azerbaijan's national dish. Sour-milk soup, not in the sense of sour, and made with kefir (sour milk). Refreshing, light. Healthy dish, its a very good serve after a heavy meal. There is an option Dovga with meat and peas, prefer without these components.
Gazpacho with mozzarella
2k - 15м 2
Gazpacho soup Spanish origin - has taken a strong place in the list of cold soups in the world. For cooking use only raw ingredients: stemmed celery, cucumber, garlic, bell pepper (usually green), olive oil, tomatoes and vinegar. But the degree of grinding can be different: from dense drink to chopped "liquid salad". In modern versions of gazpacho is served as a soup, but in the villages of Andalusia it still served after the main course. By the way, is very convenient to have a pitcher of gazpacho, refrigerate them, and to quench thirst, dilute with water. Options for making gazpacho hundreds, if not thousands. But still, the basic ingredients are always the same: bread, garlic, olive oil, salt and vinegar. And then, there are three main categories gazpacho: red, white and green.
1.9k 4 30м 6
It's a soup, but white, because instead of broth there yogurt... we jokingly call it "white" soup.
Green buckwheat with yogurt "Healthy Breakfast"
1.8k - 10м 3
Let's varied menu healthy Breakfast. The feature of the recipe that can be prepared both salty and sweet option. About the benefits of such food, no doubt. In addition, we will dispense with thermal processing.
Beetroot soup with poached egg
1.8k - 40м 4
When the lunch is prepared "serious" cold, accompany him always a light, unobtrusive soup. Today beetroot with poached egg. And a very interesting happened, in fact, it is a white wine with a blend of rice. Help yourself.
Hash "barbecue" with mustard
1.7k - - -
Recipe okroshka came up with my husband. To the country or to the nature we always take barbecue a lot of meat-cooking of different meats and poultry and of course fish too. But, in any case, meat is sometimes marinated or already roasted. And so it happened one day that brought the meat already roasted, but there are no longer wanted. The next day coming from work my husband was delighted "threshold" Dinner's ready!!! He made a hash. The hash is obtained with a very interesting taste-I have not tried before!!! I slightly corrected)))That turned a family recipe!!!
Fruit and yogurt soup
1.7k - - -
Very, very tasty))) Fresh, spring-like, vitamin! Sorry if this is already a recipe!
A La Russian okroshka
1.7k - 15м 1
Recipe found on the Internet. It's not really a traditional hash, so I have this name. In the recipe is brown bread. I changed it to white. The dish I liked.
Beet soup with pesto
1.7k - - -
The recipe, of course, more for hot summer days, but warm autumn is also quite suitable. This light refreshing soup is prepared very simply, and looks bright and elegant.
Soup "the heat"
1.7k - 30м 5
In the heat of summer there is generally not desirable. Or if there is, it is light and non-greasy. Just for this case and will fit my soup :)
Cold soup "Diet"
1.6k - 15м 1
I wanted something light on a hot summer day..
1.6k - 30м 6
Love is a sour milk dish. Alternative to our hash.
Cool fitness vegetable soup with yogurt
1.6k 3.5 10м 2
Light soup of fresh vegetables on yogurt basis - will cool and refresh you in hot weather, with minimal calories and maximum amounts of vitamins. For those who are watching their health and figure!