Cold soups recipes for 8th of March

One can
273 - 15м 8
Good option for our hash, only in Azerbaijani.
Soup with mango and rice
129 - 45м 4
Bright and festive soup for the sweet tooth.
Hash "Tender"
91 - 90м -
Favorite dish of my husband - hash! He eats at any time of the year, well, he got me hooked) I learned to cook soup with sausage is my favorite mother-in-law) I was very surprised "salad, which is filled with water", but after the test was very even nothing!) Now I'm cooking okroshka with chicken, because my family prefer) In our family (not always, of course) okroshka is prepared, even on holidays. Despite the fact that my mother in law cooks really well, my father-in-law hash like more, always asks supplements)
Elegant soup
84 - 20м 3
The holiday season is in full swing. Chocolate 14 Feb, 23 Feb rich (how not to treat the man she loved the pickles)... And on March 8 I want to be slim and airy. Offer to make an elegant soup. It with pleasure even eat those my girlfriends who sit on a diet. And their husbands who are far from diets.
Fruit soup "Minus kg"
80 - 10м -
Awesome fresh taste, lots of vitamins and super-contribution to the process of losing weight! It's all about "the soup". Cinnamon, black pepper and ginger is awesome speed up metabolism, about the benefits of pineapple and grapefruit to the figures we've heard a lot, but the yogurt is so generally the main component of a good half of the diet!
Cherry soup
77 - - -
Offer to pamper yourself and your dear men light cherry and honey soup. A minimum of effort, and on the table a plate with vivid summer memory.
Cold beet soup in Lithuanian
76 - 30м 5
Cold beet soup cook all summer - tasty, healthy and very refreshing on a hot day.
A thick cold soup "Gazpacho" with chickpeas
73 - - -
My variation on the theme of the world-famous soup, in my opinion, was very fresh and tasty) try it - I'm sure you will like my hearty variation)
The most delicious Soup broth with sour cream
17 - 60м 10
Refreshing okroshka is a good option for the first course on a hot spring or summer day. Offer you option on the stock with sour cream. Very tasty and healthy.