Cold soups recipes for birthday

0.9k - 200м -
Traditional Korean dish. Long guessed, what it is, when they ate at a friend's Koreans. It is now one of the favorite dishes in my family. And friends and praising him because I've never tried it. Functions similar to a hash, in hot weather. Secret recipe from my mother, convinced her to post this recipe Cooksey of the crown here.
One can
272 - 15м 8
Good option for our hash, only in Azerbaijani.
Soup with mango and rice
128 - 45м 4
Bright and festive soup for the sweet tooth.
Bulgarian cold soup "Tarator"
103 - 10м 1
For many years in our family menu this living light, summer soup that is originally from Bulgaria. Great alternative to a traditional hash.
97 - 60м 8
Recipe for those to the question "Will the hash?" says"I brew alone, the salad separately". My signature hash no brew, no yogurt. In the recipe I will give tips that will help you to avoid some mistakes when cooking this simple but tasty and healthy meals.
White gazpacho
93 - 20м 2
Once I had a chance to attend the social event. All gussied up in evening gowns, suits and tuxedos, live music, a gentle voice singing soloist... And look here, after an aperitif waiters bring out something in small cups, and guests are treated. All samples and immediately lose interest to the interlocutors and, increasingly, work tea spoons, enjoying the served dish. So it came to my turn to have a treat... what is it that made an impression on such a fine guest? Ask the waiter... "White gazpacho, mA'am," he replied and bowed... Ice soup, with soft and slightly sweet and, at the same time, creamy taste... mmm.. I closed my eyes and began to unravel the puzzle ingredients... cucumber, sour cream, do-nuts? Of course, bread Myakushko and lemon juice once the gazpacho, and what a sweet, barely readable, taste?? Open my eyes and see, as a representative of the catering company looking for waiters, finger painting in the sky range, which means "Repeat". Guests refused second helpings... the next day I half-searched for a recipe online until I found and fit the ingredients offer you! Dear cooks, this delicious dish - something that surprised any foodie! Well, of course, can easily quench your thirst and satisfy on a hot summer day!
Hash "Tender"
90 - 90м -
Favorite dish of my husband - hash! He eats at any time of the year, well, he got me hooked) I learned to cook soup with sausage is my favorite mother-in-law) I was very surprised "salad, which is filled with water", but after the test was very even nothing!) Now I'm cooking okroshka with chicken, because my family prefer) In our family (not always, of course) okroshka is prepared, even on holidays. Despite the fact that my mother in law cooks really well, my father-in-law hash like more, always asks supplements)
Emerald gazpacho
90 - - -
In fact, this soup is called "Green gazpacho", but I decided to rename it. By analogy. Since I have "Golden gazpacho" why not come "from emerald"?!! And the taste of it absolutely extraordinary... a wonderful combination of cucumber, Apple and a slight, almost imperceptible, the aftertaste of garlic... Try it, it's incredibly delicious)))
The most delicious Soup broth with sour cream
17 - 60м 10
Refreshing okroshka is a good option for the first course on a hot spring or summer day. Offer you option on the stock with sour cream. Very tasty and healthy.