Cold soups recipes for 23rd of February

One can
272 - 15м 8
Good option for our hash, only in Azerbaijani.
Soup with mango and rice
128 - 45м 4
Bright and festive soup for the sweet tooth.
97 - 60м 8
Recipe for those to the question "Will the hash?" says"I brew alone, the salad separately". My signature hash no brew, no yogurt. In the recipe I will give tips that will help you to avoid some mistakes when cooking this simple but tasty and healthy meals.
Hash "Tender"
90 - 90м -
Favorite dish of my husband - hash! He eats at any time of the year, well, he got me hooked) I learned to cook soup with sausage is my favorite mother-in-law) I was very surprised "salad, which is filled with water", but after the test was very even nothing!) Now I'm cooking okroshka with chicken, because my family prefer) In our family (not always, of course) okroshka is prepared, even on holidays. Despite the fact that my mother in law cooks really well, my father-in-law hash like more, always asks supplements)
Cold beet soup in Lithuanian
76 - 30м 5
Cold beet soup cook all summer - tasty, healthy and very refreshing on a hot day.
Cherry soup
76 - - -
Offer to pamper yourself and your dear men light cherry and honey soup. A minimum of effort, and on the table a plate with vivid summer memory.
New okroshka with crab sticks
50 - 60м 6
Friends, today I propose to diversify the house collection of cold soups and to cook for your family delicious okroshka with crab sticks! In the hash of chopped crab sticks "coexist" with eggs, cucumber, watermelon radish (or radish). In order to cook the family delicious soup, you need only a few ingredients and a few minutes of free time. This is a very quick and hearty dish that is easy to prepare even if there is no time. And besides, some of the components You can adjust to your liking. ALL THE NUANCES OF PREPARATION, YOU CAN SEE IN THE VIDEO.