Cold soups recipes for Valentine's Day

One can
273 - 15м 8
Good option for our hash, only in Azerbaijani.
Soup with mango and rice
129 - 45м 4
Bright and festive soup for the sweet tooth.
White gazpacho
93 - 20м 2
Once I had a chance to attend the social event. All gussied up in evening gowns, suits and tuxedos, live music, a gentle voice singing soloist... And look here, after an aperitif waiters bring out something in small cups, and guests are treated. All samples and immediately lose interest to the interlocutors and, increasingly, work tea spoons, enjoying the served dish. So it came to my turn to have a treat... what is it that made an impression on such a fine guest? Ask the waiter... "White gazpacho, mA'am," he replied and bowed... Ice soup, with soft and slightly sweet and, at the same time, creamy taste... mmm.. I closed my eyes and began to unravel the puzzle ingredients... cucumber, sour cream, do-nuts? Of course, bread Myakushko and lemon juice once the gazpacho, and what a sweet, barely readable, taste?? Open my eyes and see, as a representative of the catering company looking for waiters, finger painting in the sky range, which means "Repeat". Guests refused second helpings... the next day I half-searched for a recipe online until I found and fit the ingredients offer you! Dear cooks, this delicious dish - something that surprised any foodie! Well, of course, can easily quench your thirst and satisfy on a hot summer day!
Fruit soup "Minus kg"
80 - 10м -
Awesome fresh taste, lots of vitamins and super-contribution to the process of losing weight! It's all about "the soup". Cinnamon, black pepper and ginger is awesome speed up metabolism, about the benefits of pineapple and grapefruit to the figures we've heard a lot, but the yogurt is so generally the main component of a good half of the diet!
Cherry soup
77 - - -
Offer to pamper yourself and your dear men light cherry and honey soup. A minimum of effort, and on the table a plate with vivid summer memory.
Cold beet soup in Lithuanian
76 - 30м 5
Cold beet soup cook all summer - tasty, healthy and very refreshing on a hot day.
A thick cold soup "Gazpacho" with chickpeas
73 - - -
My variation on the theme of the world-famous soup, in my opinion, was very fresh and tasty) try it - I'm sure you will like my hearty variation)