Cold soups recipes for Lent

Ture brew
257 - 10м 1
Lean ture of kvass from the priest Hermogenes. Very refreshing in the heat. We are happy to eat it in post. The dish is quick to prepare. Will appeal to fans of simple Russian cuisine.
Cold soup "Spring breeze"
206 - - -
Light delicate soup, with the smell of freshness of spring, tender greens and herbs. An excellent replacement for hot soups in the summer. And a wonderful main dish for a spring discharge.
Cold vegetable soup with avocado
201 3 10м 3
Another recipe easy vegetable soup for hot weather, as well as the option for dietary and lean supply.
Beet gazpacho with raspberries
193 - 60м 2
Offer quick, useful, easy soup that can be a great refreshing addition to a summer dinner.
Ture lean
190 4.6 5м 1
A simple easy soup, I recommend fasting, and all fans of cold soups. Just my children fans such but this soup was eating for both cheeks and require supplements.
Cool fitness vegetable soup with yogurt
190 3.5 10м 2
Light soup of fresh vegetables on yogurt basis - will cool and refresh you in hot weather, with minimal calories and maximum amounts of vitamins. For those who are watching their health and figure!
Ajo Blanco cold Spanish almond soup
175 - - -
And here is my surprise bonus.. we are still cold, only 15 degrees Celsius and the second day pours nasty cold pouring rain... the yard is nasty, wet and chilly ( ( ( But somewhere because warm and even hot, sometimes very hot. And in the heat so I want something easy, cold and refreshing, right? For everyone who was exhausted by the heat, this recipe. Ajoblanco is eaten all over Spain but I was born this delicious soup in two regions - Extremadura and Andalusia, where he began his winning streak in the country. And in the heat there is probably no dish that better and satisfy the hunger, and at the same time did not leave the feeling of heaviness.
Soup-cream of fresh vegetables
172 - 15м -
Fresh... fresh puree of cucumber and avocado is my description of this dish.
168 - - -
Final note in my "Star of the week" is the Greek cold fruit soup. This soup is great for lunch on the verandah under an awning somewhere on the beach in the hottest time of the day when on the beach go only daredevils from Russia. You may be surprised that the soup contains curry. It would seem that this spice is more characteristic of Eastern cuisine. But the explanation is very simple. The fact that in the early twentieth century in Greece on a more or less permanent place of residence moved a few thousand Englishmen, who brought this spice. We know that in England the curry came from India, which was its colony. This was enough to make this delicious and aromatic seasoning was mastered by the Greeks. The soup is absolutely amazing, I could not put it down... an awesome combination of apples, onions and mint!!! For languishing in the heat)))
Cold soup with ice
167 3.5 10м 3
Nametables on our heat once again wanted something light and cold. Help always came another soup from my collection! Help yourself!
A thick soup with lentils and walnuts
162 - 20м 2
Delicious, healthy soup suitable for baby food and vegetable or dietary. Very rich taste, recommend to try!
Cold tomato soup
159 4 20м 1
Quick cool soup!
Cold lemon soup
155 - - -
Something closer to the evening I was hungry and I wanted to eat something unusual, easy... all the same to sleep soon, what night to eat. Just made myself this soup. There was a very nice dessert, light, not cloying: slightly sour, slightly sweet and very aromatic. Ingredients low, prepared quickly.
Hash lean
155 - - -
Despite the fact that the vegetable hash, the taste of her full bodied and rich. The composition includes fresh and pickled vegetables that, in my opinion, quite unusual and interesting.
Cold soup "Gazpacho"
146 - 10м 2
Gazpacho is a cold soup. The unusual taste of this dish will delight and surprise. A common recipe and nice presentation!!
Soup "Mushroom cold"
144 - - -
So we call it. Similar recipe on the website not found, although in our area it's very famous dish. Now, of course, is not the season for cold soup, but the season for fresh, flavorful mushrooms.
144 4 20м 5
A delicious cold vegetable soup! Hot summers, like the hash, it's just perfect!
Spanish cold soup "Gazpacho"
144 - 40м 4
What could be better than a light cold soup, warm in the summer! All the colors of the seasonal vegetables are perfectly combined in this dish.
Strawberry-tomato gazpacho
144 5 10м 2
Repeatedly encountering this at first glance unusual combination of strawberries and tomatoes, I still decided to finally cook and never regretted it! Very fresh, pleasant, light and refreshing taste, especially in hot weather. "Gazpacho" ("gazpacho") for foodies - try it!
"Ruby" gazpacho
127 - - -
Girls, do not throw me in Slippers, please. Of course, there are recipes for gazpacho. 2 or 3 (Andalusian gazpacho is not in the bill, still it is different). I have carefully studied all. Some without step-by-step photos. They are all similar, but something different. Each family have its own nuance. There are nuances and in my recipe. I was thinking more of the week to post or not, and then decided. And the main reason here was that, first, I already posted 2 other gazpacho recipe... And secondly, I was supposed to complete his "traffic light" from gazpacho. After all, if you already have a yellow color ("Golden" gazpacho), green color ("Emerald St" gazpacho), how about red?!!! Here and there Red - "Ruby" gazpacho, so I called him myself, but actually, it's just a classic tomato gazpacho...
The beet soup "Storozhevsky"
124 - 30м 4
A cousin of Hash. In the village Guard dankovskiy area my mother grew up. And she also helped me to fix this recipe, which was made by her grandmother, my great-grandmother. So family mom made the beet soup at the end of the hungry 46-48 years of the last century. And almost the same beet soup, only more rich in composition were treated to a little Light, as she very vaguely remembers, but mom helped with that. Botvinya almost forgotten dish, but in those lean years was irreplaceable, because in the course were all sorts of edible greens, nettle, goutweed, orache. I tried to reproduce exactly the recipe my childhood my mom.