Salads beef recipes

Salad "Moo-Moo"
0.6k 5 60м 6
Dear Cooks, do not accuse me of plagiarism, this design is on the site, but of other products. And This design I found on another site and a recipe I made up to match the content and approached the New year of the Bull.
Salad "Baku meat"
375 5 - -
Very tasty salad with minimal ingredients! Looks bright and festive! But it is not necessary to wait for the holiday to make! If You have in the fridge there is a piece of boiled beef and suddenly guests at the door, it will not be difficult to collect such a beautiful salad!
Chinese salad "Len JI"
298 5 - -
Messing with this salad, of course, a lot, but the result justifies the cost. Very tasty and satisfying.
Salad "bird nest"
263 4 45м 8
The original meat salad with pickles
Salad "Male whim"
259 3 40м 6
Meat salad with pickled onions
Meat salad
250 3.5 30м 6
Meat salad with pickled cucumbers and vegetables.
Salad "Grand"
241 - 7м 2
Very simple, interesting and tasty salad. Really helps when guests at the door. The recipe from the restaurant where we often order.
Salad "Stroganoff"
228 4 - -
Meat salad!!! Very cold!!! But guys from it just staselis!!! Is not the word! They just died right at the table!!! Was in awe all)))0
Salad with beetroot sauce "Blanche"
202 - 90м 10
On my holiday table this salad is the cake always makes a splash. After trying it, many asking for the recipe. This salad is an alternative to long bored herring under a fur coat. Not the usual combination of herring and beef with other ingredients makes the taste of this salad unforgettable! This time I cooked it under a sauce Blanche. It was very tasty!
Salad "Fortuna"
202 - - -
Tender, savory salad will delight you and your guests.
Salad "Straw for Christmas"
186 - 20м 6
According to an old tradition as Catholics and Orthodox Christians, Christmas table was decorated in a special way: under the tablecloth, put some hay or straw (the memory of the manger of the baby Jesus). All of the ingredients in this salad I cut up the strips and thus the dish symbolizes Christmas straw. The contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Korean salad "Funcheza"
183 3 60м 8
Spicy salad with meat.
The Chinese cabbage salad with dry-cured meat
182 - 10м -
Delicious, healthy and light salad.
Salad "outskirts"
168 5 - -
A tasty salad. My impromptu.
The House Salad
156 5 15м 1
Prepared from boiled beef to make a salad
Salad "flower of the fern"
155 - 25м -
The salad is very fresh, juicy vitamin! Try it – you will not regret!
Salad "Kavkaz"
152 - - -
Pleasant in all respects meat salad. Hearty, but not heavy, flavorful, moderately spicy and very tasty. Help yourself!
Salad "Hotshot"
143 4 30м -
The salad is easy to prepare, but extraordinarily tasty. Guests always distinguish it from other snacks. A decent appetizer for the holiday table...
Salad "Reluctance"
143 3 40м 6
Unwillingness to stay hungry moves in the making of this salad!
Salad with pastrami and cranberry dressing
133 - 20м 2
It's more a winter dish because it uses sun-dried tomatoes and jerky, which gives satiety, as well as natural cranberry sauce, which is rich in vitamins. Please, help yourself.
Salad "Abrikol"
129 4 30м -
Very juicy, unusual taste. Tried once and fell in love. Preparing easy. It turns out a lot. Depending on, whether you serve it mixed together or spread out nicely - suitable for everyday life and chic feast.