Salads pork recipes

Salad "Khreschatyk"
0.8k 4 20м 6
Don't even know why this name and why, liked the salad on the Internet, yesterday I had the parents on the Wedding Day.
Salad "Idyll"
0.7k 5 - -
Perhaps my favorite day of the week – Friday...ahead of two weekends in the morning need to get up early and rush to work.. you can fully enjoy a quiet family dinner Friday... peace.. peace...a glass of dry wine...soft music.. and, of course, salad... filling and meat with egg pancakes.... to please her beloved husband... juicy and tender ... with fresh agricom and treat yourself to your favorite.. very very easy...quick and delicious..
Salad "coins"
0.6k - - -
People there is a belief that "If you throw a coin into the fountain, the person will definitely return to this place again". Let's You and I'll throw a coin in the fountain of taste, dip in which we want to prepare this salad again and again.
Salad "Eden"
0.6k - - -
A delicious and hearty meat salad. One of my favorite salads. As you know, meat is very fond of men. Advise women also do not neglect the meat, as it is very important to increase and maintain hemoglobin. The recipe I found in the magazine "Love to cook!" On the Internet it too, but on the "Cook" is not (I hope now).
Capcha. cellophane with meat and vegetables in Korean
0.5k - 30м 4
Captcha, or colloquially capce (capca) — Korean festive snacks based on starchy noodles (kuksu, funcheza, glass noodles) with meat and vegetables. Very tasty! - suggest to prepare. Appetizer can be served to the table hot as well as cold
Stuffed peppers
496 3 90м 5
Bell pepper stuffed with meat, rice and vegetables
Salad "Caesar"
489 3 20м 4
Salad of the emperors.
Salad "Tiger"
481 4 45м 6
A bright, hearty salad will decorate any holiday table (especially be relevant in the 2010 year of the Tiger). My impromptu.
Green salad with poached egg and bacon
456 4 - -
A simple and healthy dish.
Salad "Veronica"
444 4 30м 2
A simple and delicious salad.
Salad "Gyros"
441 - - -
Tasty puff salad.
Sausage in a pancake
418 5 20м 3
Sausages wrapped in pancakes
Salad puff
388 4 - -
I want to call your attention to the salad that drew our attention to a sauce (cream with mustard). On the website of a layered salads are so numerous that I can't say that I reviewed all. I will say this: looked a lot like this is not found. The salad combines meat, potatoes, beans, walnuts... all steeped in skim milk, and mustard give a piquant flavor... the Recipe of this salad belongs to the Estonian cuisine and is found in the book "Ancient recipes and modern tradition". I really hope the salad will be of interest to you, my dear cooks, kulinariske and kulinarika :-)
Cellophane in Russian
341 5 - -
Very satisfying salad that is as easy and quick to prepare, and always goes Bang, and just on ordinary days and on all holidays.
337 5 20м 6
This salad will not leave anyone indifferent... Once made what was, for a long time now and love it. Called the number of components.
Salad "November"
305 4 20м 4
The salad, which is easy and quick to prepare, and the recipe will help "prestolite" the remains of the meat dishes)). Perfect for a family dinner.
Salad "Sun"
305 5 - -
Very tasty, hearty dish. The ingredients given for making salad at a festive table, 2 plates for 10 people. All proposed components are immediately going to deny that many options tried, but never found a better option. The decoration of the dish I leave for You.
Chinese salad "home"
302 - 40м 6
The recipe for this dish was posted on the website me in 2010 under the name "watermelon "home" and illustrated in the framework of "Coloring". Salad cook is not the first time, very tasty, crispy and fresh! Assembled two years ago in a Chinese cafe. One of its advantages is that it is without mayonnaise. This time I made small additions to the recipe. Read more in the description.
Snack on crackers
291 3 20м 3
One of our favorite snacks...
Salad with pesto
266 - - -
The salad is just gorgeous! Different types of salad with pesto sauce, Parmesan cheese, bacon - bliss! Every time disappear from the holiday table first! The recipe was taken from one of the books Sandri Lisandro.
Salad "New age"
265 3 - -
For fans of olives, and since I love them very much - it is one of my favorite salads.