Salads of veal recipes

Salad "man's whim"
475 3 - -
Very tasty salad.
Tender veal salad with red PEC
418 3 30м 4
Very tasty salad.
Salad "whole"
346 - 30м 4
Recently tried this dish and for some reason they were subjugated! Hearty, fresh, minimal ingredients and ease of preparation!
Salad "El'ton"
280 - 40м 8
Once, in the late 80's, that salad I was treated to my neighbors – two friendly older Kazakh women, mother and daughter. I only remember that the salad was an unusual Golden color and very tasty! Looking for a recipe, I "shoveled" the whole Internet but couldn't find one. Had memory to restore the forgotten old, but so warm and dear, in memories of younger years! "Elton" is a more modern name of the salad, and the old fashioned way it sounded "Altyn-Nur" or "Altan-Nuur", which translated from Mongolian means "GOLDEN LAKE". This name in the old days, was called the miraculous healing of the lake, the bottom of which, according to ancient legend, hid their gold Khan Mamai...
Salad "Fairy Tale"
253 4 - -
My improvisation. Turned out just fabulously delicious, respectively, hence the name. This salad will decorate any holiday table and will delight your guests.
Salad "Calf tenderness"
245 - - -
My own invention. Salad with veal.
225 - 20м 5
This simple and at the same time, a delicious salad is prepared in our family for many years. The recipe was taken from a great cookbook, a gift from my husband. I think the beef salad have much taste.
Veal salad with mushrooms and Parmesan
186 3 35м 4
Salad "Love dream". Very tasty salad. Looks great. Not difficult to cook.
Warm salad with arugula and veal
173 - 30м 4
Wonderful, very fresh and fragrant salad with tender veal meat and my favorite sauce Balsamico. A great option for a romantic dinner!
Meat salad
169 4 - -
Simple and delicious.
Salad "."
152 5 - -
A delicious salad of available products. My improvisation.
Veal salad
129 - 60м 2
This salad can be cut into cubes or cubes and serve in a salad bowl. But you can apply a La carte, more festive.
Salad with veal and grilled celery
127 - 100м 6
And this original and very tasty salad I tried in a Moscow tea house. Share your taste find!
Salad "Raspberry calf"
122 - 20м 1
Spicy salad with veal and raspberry sauce.
Meat salad on cucumber
117 - - -
By itself, the salad turns out very tasty, tender with marinovani mustard note, this is not a cloying taste! Well, if it is submit portions of the cucumber slices, optional garnish - you will get appetizing buffet appetizer for any holiday!
Salad "the warm Spring days"
117 - 20м 2
Already so want to heat that in the course of going any techniques and tricks. Decided to cook a warm spring salad may be it will help to banish the winter?
Veal salad with vegetables
116 3 30м -
Easy beautiful salad
Salad "snow valley"
115 - 30м 2
Salad easy to prepare and very tasty. This salad will decorate Your holiday table and make it unforgettable. Found this recipe on the Internet and decided to cook it immediately! A feature of this salad is that the layers are not primatyvajutsja. Toppings are mixed with sour cream or mayonnaise and spread in the dish.
Salad with beef, peppers and gherkins
115 - 30м 5
Want to offer delicious and easy to prepare salad, consisting of only three ingredients and dressing. Salad is good because it can be prepared in advance, it tastes even better, after standing in the fridge, all the ingredients are impregnated dressing. This salad is like my family and friends when I cook it, it is eaten in the first place.
Arugula salad with veal
113 - - -
Arugula salad with veal and balsamic vinegar dressing and cashew.
Thai salad with beef
104 - 25м 2
Lately I loved the beef... because of my frequent culinary experiments associated with this form of meat... Treated to a very tasty salad!