Salads from Turkey recipes

Salad "loving wife"
268 5 90м 6
Vegetable salad with Turkey "Mosaic"
235 - 90м 6
Recipe from the family piggy Bank many years of holiday feasts. This salad I prepared 15 years of commercials. For all holidays without exception, regardless of the time of the year! To all our friends, friends, colleagues, family recipe loved by long and firmly took pride of place on their holiday tables, and the place is Central, because it looks a bright spot, incredibly delicious and ends immediately. Has only one drawback, it can apply only in a large salad bowl. Due to the large number of ingredients in the glasses does not fit in the rings falling apart. I recommend to prepare at least for once, to fall in love with him forever. And though the salad is not quick to prepare, but believe me, it's worth it. The number of ingredients to increase or decrease on their own, more Turkey or eggplant, less pepper, it is a matter of taste. The main principle of cooking!
Salad "a Candle was burning... "
200 3 - -
Melo, Melo throughout all the land unto all the coasts. A candle burned on the table, a Candle burned. In summer a swarm of midges Flies to the flame, Flocked flakes from the yard To the window frame... amazing stork Pasternak... what could be more romantic than a candlelight dinner?... and one of the candles can be replaced quite shedonism and delicious salad.. a nice combination of plum and Apple.. as the sweetness of kisses.. light hint of garlic.. like the sharpness of feelings.. feel the freshness of cucumber and carrots... like very soft.. cooked rice and Turkey.. for satiety.. and of course a boiled egg for better taste.. And all was lost in snowy mist Gray and white. A candle burned on the table, a Candle burned...
Salad "a Dream of a pug" Turkey with marinated plum
198 - 20м 2
Very autumn and very unusual salad. Autumn because nourishing, but easy because all the components are perfectly combined and absorbed by the body. I usually make homemade mayonnaise, but sometimes not enough time and then helps mayonnaise "Mach" "No starch! Without vinegar! GMO-free!"
Salad "Flower Bed" - 2
185 3 - -
On the website there is already a recipe for a salad with the same name. Offer its own version with other ingredients and design.
Salad "Capitol"
134 - 20м 2
Interesting light salad with a Turkey perfect for the holiday table and for everyday meals. Simple preparation, accessible ingredients, and a beautiful, delicate salad ready, also very similar to the snow! In the original recipe I made a few changes, adding salad with new flavors.
Salad "Lakomka"
133 3 - -
Delicious salad.
Salad "Sharman"
132 4 - -
This recipe I borrowed one culinary site, well, and slightly changed it.
Salad "beloved husband"
129 4 - -
This salad is my own composition that has passed the test excellently.
Warm salad of beets and Turkey
111 - 60м 2
A salad diet for lovers of beets, turkeys, and strawberries. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user Chipolino called "Warm salad of oranges, beets and chicken" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Salad "Puff"
110 - 60м 8
A simple and delicious salad. Prepared simply and quickly, as if to show imagination, on the festive table it will not go unnoticed.
Verrine with vegetables and marinated meat
106 - 30м 4
Sometimes there's no time, and I want to please loved ones with something tasty and bright. Or unexpected guests descend. I assure you, these Ferrini will not leave anyone indifferent. Bright in flavor and content! But if a piece of breast or meat marinated in advance, for example, in the morning before work, one evening to make a salad, anyway, it's 10 minutes.
A light salad with Turkey and yogurt
106 5 20м 4
A light salad with Turkey and yogurt
Meat roll "Turkey with vegetables"
106 - 20м 2
Perhaps this salad here already, but I really tried)))the Idea of submission I saw in the magazine "bread and salt", but the ingredients have changed to those that were in the fridge. And that's what happened. Think fit and those who are watching a figure and for a romantic evening with a sequel, and just for a nice dinner)))
Rice salad with Turkey
105 5 15м 2
The other day I bought another book Vysotskaya and could not resist the temptation to make something out of it. Added a little of my own, and that's what happened. Very unusual and tasty salad.
Salad "Paso Doble"
101 3 - -
The Paso Doble is a Spanish dance where the man plays the role of a Matador and the woman his Cape.
Turkey salad with croutons
101 - 30м 4
Good day! Today we will share with You a delicious recipe for a simple salad with Turkey meat, which will not take much of Your time for its preparation. Poultry meat is successfully combined with juicy tomatoes, and crunchy Kale with the croutons add to the dish a special taste and flavor.
Salad "Garnet bracelet"
100 - 120м 18
Decorated in such an original way layered salad "Garnet bracelet" in the top five of the most popular salads for the holiday table. He is very nice and bright looks. The name of the salad due to its annular shape and due to the fact that its surface is decorated with pomegranate seeds. Besides, as the salad puff, it is better to cook the day before the party, which significantly relieves pre-holiday bustle.
Salad "Serpentine"
98 - 20м 4
Light, fresh and tasty salad of Chinese cabbage with buttermilk dressing. We really liked it.
Salad egg "Coco"
96 - - 6
In anticipation of the new year I want to share one of the salads that are loved in our family. The salad is light, tasty and very easy to prepare. One component is a mustard. I was lucky to become the owner of HAAS mustard with orange, which is especially in harmony with the components of the salad.
Salad with Turkey and tomatoes
96 - 10м 1
Offer a very simple, tasty and healthy salad of roasted Turkey, and cherry tomatoes. Preparing once or twice, will delight you with its taste.