Salads ham recipes

Salad "paparats Kvetka"
2.6k 4 20м -
The salad is bright, tasty. Well-suited to pilaf.
Salad "gourmet"
1k - - -
Some salad recipes with soy sauce at first glance to be too simple. However, this impression is deceptive. For example, prepare this delicious and spicy salad.
Salad "Imperial"
1k - 30м 6
The recipe for this salad brought from the cafe "Imperial". This is their signature salad. Very hearty, tasty and tender, we love it!!! Simple to prepare. Ham, cheese, cucumber, eggs, pepper, corn...
Salad "Furor"
0.9k - - -
Well, that brings me to the end of my HI... thank you all for your attention to my recipes! I would be glad if someone of you can use it. And finally I want to show you another delicious and elegant salad that is perfect for the holiday table.
Salad "Marianne"
0.8k 3 30м 1
The original combination of plum with cashew nuts.
Salad "Snowman"
0.6k - - -
The salad is made a figure of a snowman.
Salad "Forest miracle"
0.6k 4 - 8
This salad you may not have time to try, guests sweep it for 5 min. Highlight - all ingredients are grilled, not boiled. On new year's table - just right!
Salad with pasta and ham
0.6k - - -
Hearty, tasty salad with pasta, ham and corn!
Salad "Fairy"
0.6k - 30м 6
This salad, with a little variation, borrowed in the culinary magazine. It has become one of the favorite salad of my family and my friends prepared it for the new year, all told - the Association with the summer cottage.
Salad "Piemonte"
0.5k - - -
Piedmont - Italian area of the Alps, bordering with France, Switzerland and Austria. Has its own special culinary way of life. I suggest to try one of these dishes. Tasty, crunchy and fresh salad.
Salad "Bed"
0.5k 3.5 30м 6
Very interesting decoration of the salad will make it a favorite on your holiday table
Salad "Husband"
0.5k 4 10м -
The name (I think) comes from the fact that this morning I want to feed something tasty and hearty husband, who was leaving for work. But there is not much to burden themselves favorite.
The Salad "Island"
0.5k - 30м 6
"From the Arctic to the Antarctic People all the world are gone. And only the island Romantics not On the cards dealt. But it exists, notice me, and There is the moon and the mountains, But there is not a single sceptic And no arguer. No whisper of the inhabitants, Neither boredom nor longing. Live there alone and dreamers, Lovers and eccentrics... "
Salad Oasis
0.5k - 15м 6
For those with a sweet red onion, this recipe is for you! Tried the restaurant in Dubai and were pleasantly surprised by the unexpected combination of ingredients!
Salad "Camping"
466 5 - -
Spicy salad perfect as an appetizer for the holiday table and for any occasion.
Salad "Chinatown"
464 - - -
Something in explanation something Chinese:))) And the pomegranate was just in the presence of:)))
Salad Safari
450 - - -
Tasty and quick to prepare salad!!!!!!!
Salad "Ham in a little coat"
430 4 - 6
This salad was born when my husband ordered "herring under a fur coat", but for herring to go all the was too lazy. That is to say a variation on the theme. This is a quick and delicious salad.
400 4 - -
Saw a market unfamiliar vegetable, asked what it was. Oh, I colorful and appetizing painted the dignity of this vegetable, but with such a beautiful name - kohlrabi that I could not resist and bought it. And easier to say - this is a small cabbage cabbage.
Salad "emerald"
373 5 - -
This salad will adequately take its place on the holiday table. Easy preparing, in the result, beautiful and delicious.
Salad "Anastasia"
347 3 30м 4
I decided to disassemble my old papers... And among other very useful things found my notebook with recipes, which was recorded while still in University. That's where I discovered this salad. Why have such a title I already don't remember where I copied it too my memory is not postponed. My husband is a major lover and connoisseur of salads in our family, said awesome salad, and now most of his favorite! However, these loved ones we have 100 pieces! So...