Appetizers with smoked meat recipes

3 Breakfast ideas puff pastry
228 - - -
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I propose three simple and delicious idea for Breakfast. All very quick, easy and delicious.
Ham rolls
190 5 - -
Delicious! Simple! Fast! For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Chicken drumsticks with smoked flavour
119 - - -
Spring comes into its own and absolutely have on nature, on picnics and barbecues. And the weather yet. We have the warming will begin again the fires and the entrance to the forest will be now and miss the picnic? Of course not! At home you can cook juicy smoked drumsticks, Golden-ruddy and the taste is not inferior impregnated with smoke from a fire! Or not to use liquid smoke, everyone decides for himself. I use rarely, but this recipe is good, in addition to flavor, because the pot is then easy to wash in contrast to use onion skin for this purpose. You don't have to collect and accumulate.
Temaki-sushi with chicken and pineapple
118 - 35м 2
Another option is sushi. If you know how to twist the bags, then this option will not be easy. The filling can be any. In this embodiment, smoked chicken adds flavor and zest, salad and pineapple - a fresh and creamy cheese adds a softness to this ensemble.
Snack "Hedgehog"
118 4 40м 4
Dish created by me based on a few Internet recipes, i.e. improvisation.
Baked ham "Real"
112 5 15м -
Quick and tasty.
Golden loin smoked
106 - 90м 10
Peerless pork, which will not leave indifferent. Delicious hot, cold, and ice cream.
Rolls dragon
103 - 60м 4
Japanese dragon God of the water element, is a creature with a serpentine body and claws on the three fingers and huge fangs protruding from its mouth. It is powerful and dangerous, but kind to those who honour him. Why not pay your respects to the ancient creating, replicating it in the form of a roll? Is simple, and the admiration of your guests and domozhirov to no end. Come, let us prepare. For the recipe thank Svetlana Ukolov.
Smoked chicken
99 - - -
Quick, tasty, inexpensive, harmless. Cooking smoked chicken at home in the apartment, without the smokehouse.
The rolls prunes wrapped in bacon
97 - 30м 3
Very tasty rolls, of course, like You and your guests on a picnic, in anticipation of the main course.
Prunes wrapped in bacon
90 4 15м -
Brisket smoked on a gas stove
89 - 5760м 20
Awesome delicious premium quality product! Has one drawback - quickly ends.
Puff pastry sticks with cheese and bacon
89 - 30м 4
This crispy snack is perfect for a glass of wine, champagne and of course beer. The simplest preparation of products available - and the result is a great snack at Your Desk. Perfect for the Christmas table and for everyday meals!
Bacon acorns stuffed
87 - 20м 4
A wonderful appetizer, instantly disappearing from the plate! Crispy, hot, salty bacon, sweet and sour fragrant plum and spicy notes with warm cheese - the combination is wonderful! Importantly, stronger "flame" during baking. Simple and fast.
Potato boats
87 - 60м 5
Of course, it's not brilliant cooking, and many cooks would be angry and swear for the placement of such a prescription. And yet - maybe someone of the young hostesses it will be useful, because you can prepare simple, affordable products, it's delicious! It is possible for a nature to take, and to work, and as an appetizer with spirits great. And my son dreams of becoming a captain so after seeing "cheese sails" was eating for both cheeks...
Bagels with cheese wrapped in bacon
87 - 15м 2
A wonderful option for a snack on a picnic, and a hearty Breakfast at home...
Dates with cheese and bacon
87 - - -
Long ago on the Internet, I found this recipe. I wanted to try it: how will be combined sweet dates and bacon. The recipe was not disappointed, so, dear cooks, sharing this exquisite, unusual and delicious recipe with YOU!
Beans in French
86 - 15м 1
Tender green beans with juicy cherry tomatoes and bacon. Just Shine!
Puff snack of ham, cheese and butter
85 - 60м 6
New year's holidays quietly sneaking around on soft cat's paws. Not to let down your guard, now it is necessary to consider the menu and buy the necessary products. For Your Christmas table offer this wonderful snack. Thanks to it can be long to get drunk. For effect eat a piece before you consume alcoholic beverages. Recipe from the Super cook website.
Roll with cheese and bacon
85 - 35м -
Puff pastry is such a lifesaver! Quick and sweet and savoury can be cooked. Offer a quick snack for guests, and not only.
Bananas in a crispy coat of bacon
85 4 15м -
Interesting and unusual, one might even say, incongruous combination of ingredients yields an amazing result.