Appetizers with smoked meat recipes

Temaki-sushi with chicken and pineapple
1.3k - 35м 2
Another option is sushi. If you know how to twist the bags, then this option will not be easy. The filling can be any. In this embodiment, smoked chicken adds flavor and zest, salad and pineapple - a fresh and creamy cheese adds a softness to this ensemble.
Chicken drumsticks with smoked flavour
1.3k - - -
Spring comes into its own and absolutely have on nature, on picnics and barbecues. And the weather yet. We have the warming will begin again the fires and the entrance to the forest will be now and miss the picnic? Of course not! At home you can cook juicy smoked drumsticks, Golden-ruddy and the taste is not inferior impregnated with smoke from a fire! Or not to use liquid smoke, everyone decides for himself. I use rarely, but this recipe is good, in addition to flavor, because the pot is then easy to wash in contrast to use onion skin for this purpose. You don't have to collect and accumulate.
Regular bacon smoked
1.1k - 50м 8
Really tasty bacon smoked, marinated in just three days, ending just instantly!...)
Snack "Hedgehog"
1.1k 4 40м 4
Dish created by me based on a few Internet recipes, i.e. improvisation.
Appetizer of chicken wrapped in bacon
1k - 25м 20
Quick to prepare snack and very tasty, will fit to any table
Bagels with cheese wrapped in bacon
1k - 15м 2
A wonderful option for a snack on a picnic, and a hearty Breakfast at home...
Eateries pumps pepper
1k - 20м 12
Boats out of pepper, stuffed with your favorite salad - a great appetizer for a buffet or holiday table. Quick and easy to make appetizer sure to please guests and will decorate any feast!
Parma ham on bruschetta with peaches
1k - 25м 5
Parma ham on bruschetta with ricotta, peaches, honey and black pepper. Continuing the theme of Italian cuisine we offer You mind-blowing, delicious snack. Yes, it is such to taste the bruschetta!!! For the recipe thank you Marina-Sorba.
Dates with cheese and bacon
1k - - -
Long ago on the Internet, I found this recipe. I wanted to try it: how will be combined sweet dates and bacon. The recipe was not disappointed, so, dear cooks, sharing this exquisite, unusual and delicious recipe with YOU!
3 Breakfast ideas puff pastry
1k - - -
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I propose three simple and delicious idea for Breakfast. All very quick, easy and delicious.
Romanesque oil
0.9k - 15м -
Actually, it's not really a separate dish. This is a Supplement to enhance the different dishes. Of course, you know garlic oil, green oil, walnut oil, - this oil is akin to them. What kind of name is that? "l'oustau de Baumanière" unusual and legendary French gastronomy, the hotel is 30 km from Avignon in Provence. That is where did this oil. Of course, this is not the original, but the principle is complied with. The purpose of this oil is the most diverse, with baked lamb and poultry, they are stuffed with vegetables and fish, use it instead of regular butter on toast and scones, they flavored side dishes: rice, beans, potatoes. The flavors of garlic, smoked bacon, light sour sun-dried tomatoes, soft butter - it's wonderful! And what is the scope for creativity! You create your own flavors using different herbs, changing the number of components, you are the Creator of your personal oil. Get to know if interested.
Puff pastry sticks with cheese and bacon
0.9k - 30м 4
This crispy snack is perfect for a glass of wine, champagne and of course beer. The simplest preparation of products available - and the result is a great snack at Your Desk. Perfect for the Christmas table and for everyday meals!
Appetizer of zucchini with cheese and chicken
0.9k - 10м 4
A very interesting snack. Quickly prepared. And taste you will enjoy***
Holiday asparagus
0.9k - 15м 5
The sweetness of the young spring asparagus, soft cream cheese, fresh cucumber, savory ham... And in just 15 minutes all that is embodied in an elegant holiday appetizer.
Passirovanny pear with Roquefort wrapped in bacon
0.9k - - 2
Offer you a very elegant treat that will decorate any festive table. Pear, passirovanny in white wine, stuffed with Roquefort, baked in bacon. Even when reading the names of an appetite.
Crispy "roses" with cheese and sausage
0.9k - 30м 4
Simple but very tasty snack on the basis of phyllo dough. Extremely crispy, flavorful, she perfectly complete Your Christmas table.
The rolls prunes wrapped in bacon
0.9k - 30м 3
Very tasty rolls, of course, like You and your guests on a picnic, in anticipation of the main course.
Rolls dragon
0.9k - 60м 4
Japanese dragon God of the water element, is a creature with a serpentine body and claws on the three fingers and huge fangs protruding from its mouth. It is powerful and dangerous, but kind to those who honour him. Why not pay your respects to the ancient creating, replicating it in the form of a roll? Is simple, and the admiration of your guests and domozhirov to no end. Come, let us prepare. For the recipe thank Svetlana Ukolov.
Smoked chicken wings
0.9k - 100м 5
Smoked chicken wings mini smokehouse for apartments, houses, villas. And preparing the product smoked by the method described in the recipe, is always a great result!
Ham rolls
0.8k 5 - -
Delicious! Simple! Fast! For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Verrine with garlic croutons
0.8k - 15м 2
Verrine is a layered appetizer served at the table in small cups, mostly in 100-gram. I want to offer a version of this snack.