The salad of duck and goose recipes

Fresh salad with tangerine dressing "Christmas traditions"
252 - - 4
Mix of fresh salad. Arugula with its mild and spicy taste with little bitterness, corn with its gentle aroma chard with a sweet taste... And in addition to this is the tenderest shoots flavored green peas. All this is complemented by marinated mushrooms roasted with aromatic herbs, cherry tomatoes, mandarins and for satiety - roast duck breast. All this, in a spicy dressing of olive oil, honey, balsamic and Mandarin oranges. Why "Christmas traditions"? And what New year without ducks, tangerines and good mood, which You just provided! The contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Salad "Exotics"
231 - 20м 2
In our life we are accustomed to daily, routine and regular over time. But you always want something new, unknown and mysterious. Also in cooking. Always want to lift the veil of obscurity, to try unusual flavor combinations. Especially for us to taste a variety of exotic things. This exotic salad turns out very light and perfect for a solemn and humble family dinner. But for a salad lover.
Salad a La Oriental with duck breast
138 - 40м 3
I offer duck breast salad with lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes and soy sauce TM Kikkoman, which will beautify your table not only for the arrival of guests, but will also be a great addition to the main dish at a picnic
Carpaccio of duck breast
124 3 250м 1
Duck in the manner of carpaccio.
Duck breast salad with marinated figs
119 - - -
Delicious duck breast salad and marinated figs. Figs for the marinade you need to take tight and intact. Such figs you can use for a side dish to meat and as a snack.
Salad with duck breast and raspberry
118 - - -
Old, fresh, aromatic salad. I cooked it for a romantic dinner. A great addition to the salad was a glass of wine.
Salad with duck breast
118 3 30м 1
An amazing combination of duck with herbs
Duck breast salad with cherries
117 - - -
Salad of duck breast with balsamic cherries. Summer, bright salad duck with cherries. Instead of cherries you can take a cherry.
Salad "the year of the Ox"
115 3 60м 4
Here decided to recall the New year. This wonderful salad we have met this year :)) Source - the Internet and my revision!
Salad "Universal"
114 - 30м 6
Offer quick to prepare but filling salad. It is a universal fact that the meat component can vary according to your taste-cooked beef, chicken or Turkey fillet, or, as I have cooked duck breast. In the green you can add green garlic or onion and instead of mayonnaise you can use sour cream. Fantasize and experiment with this salad!
Salad with honeysuckle "Summer vacation"
114 - - -
The first berry that appears in the summer in Siberia is honeysuckle! The first sweet vitamins. The first sensation of the summer! Honeysuckle is delicious by itself, but I also liked to combine it with the chicken and Apple salad.
Carrot-meat salad
114 - 20м 4
Very hearty and delicious salad of boiled meat and braised carrots.
Salad "the ring"
111 - 20м 2
Delicious layered salad. Usually prepared with boiled chicken, but this time I used boiled goose. It turned out great!
Salad "East"
110 - 90м -
Tasty and spicy salad. The perfect combination of duck fillet and wild rice, the other ingredients only enhance the rich flavor of the dish.
Warm salad with meat and peach
109 - - -
I love warm salads. Today I propose to prepare a warm salad with duck breast, veal and peach. Very juicy, bright taste. And thanks to Zepter cookware, which I am going to fry meat without oil and salt, the salad is still healthy and nutritious. And the bright colors will delight in the autumn and cloudy weather.
Salad of honey duck and orange
107 - 60м 4
The aroma of roasted duck – the smell of the holiday. Combined with sweet oranges, slightly bitter red radicchio and soy-sesame dressing is really celebrating, delicious salad. If you don't like bitter lettuce, radicchio replace other salad.
Duck salad with green beans and arugula
106 - 25м -
Easy, delicious and quickly prepared (excluding marinating time).
Salad with roasted duck
104 - - -
Bright, interesting and unusual salad with roasted duck, variety to any holiday table and surprise guests and family. A dinner for two he will give a sophisticated feel, and will highlight a romantic atmosphere.
Salad with fried cheese
98 4 12м 1
Salad "Fragments"
97 - 20м 4
New delicious salad. Help yourself.
Salad with duck breast and porcini mushrooms
96 - 20м 3
Unusual and delicious salad with duck breast cooked on the grill. And helped me in this grill pan of the firm "Forester". For the recipe thanks to our dear boy Marina (mizinka ).