Fish salad recipes

3k 4 50м -
Very delicious rissole. Herring-flavored Smoking. There is no need a lot of sardines... one pack is enough. Let it be someone a vinaigrette or a salad, if only it was delicious!!! Bon appetit to all!!!
Tuna salad – delicious, quick and easy
2.4k - 10м -
I love this salad for its simplicity and amazing taste. For me the recipe for this tuna salad is a real find, as they say - stick wand when they come unexpected guests. A great combination of just three ingredients make this salad a hearty, tasty, and beautiful!
Salad with salmon, tomatoes, potatoes and green onions
2.2k - 30м 6
The recipe is simple and delicious salad with salted salmon. And most importantly, easy to prepare.
Salad "Captain"
2.1k 4 15м 5
"Remember, captain, how you escaped in the ocean? Sailed in fog and the white hat." Well, our salad for good captains, cowards do not treat! Marine motifs with cabbage, peas. Great addition dinner.
Salad "Fast"
2k 4 - -
Looking for in our Runet whatever salad to prepare and here ran this macaroni salad... I'm more interested in the name... why was he called that?! Made it, tried it and realized... he's really "fast"... very quickly flies away from the table)))
Salad "Penguin"
2k - 1м 4
I like this salad was prepared for the first birthday of her son. Everyone was in awe of him!
Salad Amulet
2k - 30м 6
Delicate salad with a light creamy flavor, thanks to the fitaki. Who loves the fish - enjoy.
Salad "Bull"
1.9k 4 - -
"There is a bull shakes, sighs on the move, Oh Board ends, now I fall" in this children's rhyme history is silent what happened to the bull, but my very asks in the stomach. Another variation on the theme of "Herring under a fur coat". The idea with the design was taken from mailing to e-mail.
Salad "Portofino"
1.9k - 10м 2
900 is my first recipe on the website. Traditionally thought to make something original, but nothing came to mind. And then... "All ingenious is simple." My husband and I were in an Italian coffee shop on the last occasion, he ordered a salad "Portofino", like, asked to play at home and to share with you that I would happily comply. Is easy, fast, available (in my opinion) products, and the taste is very juicy, fresh and delicious.
Salad "Kan-Kan"
1.9k - - -
Beautiful, delicious, unusual to say about the salad "Kan-Kan" from the series "fusion".
Salad "Air coat"
1.8k 4 60м 6
Lay out newly-invented thing... Spontaneously wanted coats.. while I went for herring, had a plan.. and it turned into a salad, such air, even a salad it can not be called.. rather something like a soufflé or mousse... help yourself!!!
Terrine of salmon with gherkins
1.8k 5 20м 5
Can be served as a salad – like terrine.
Salad "Mimosa" with cheese and red fish
1.8k - - -
The recipe is far from a classic Mimosa, then there is no tinned fish or grated butter, and the look is very different from the usual variant with the yolks, which saveresults after several hours of waiting in the refrigerator. But I'm sure this lightweight version will be to your taste, try it!
Salad "Copenhagen"
1.7k - - -
A wonderful fish salad. Delicious, nutritious and at the same time quite gentle and interesting.
Salad "Sunflower"
1.7k 4.5 - -
Salad of cod liver. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Korean dish "Heh" fish
1.6k 3.7 30м 4
What is the uniqueness of this recipe, and unlike the classic "Heh"? I will try to answer this question: 1. Unlike the classic recipe, this one requires fresh fish, and allows you to cook a wonderful "Heh" even from frozen fish. 2. Classic "Heh" a very long time because it requires hours of marinating fish in vinegar. However, for this recipe, the dish can be prepared in just 30 minutes! 3. And finally, the third advantage of this prescription in its efficiency, because this "Heh" is prepared with the addition of large quantity of carrots. Convinced that preparing this wonderful dish you and your family will love it!
Herring "under a fur coat" in my opinion
1.6k - - -
The method of cooking this salad is not quite normal, but the salad will only benefit from this.
Salad with smoked mackerel
1.6k 4.5 30м 6
Simple salad with smoked mackerel and potatoes.
Festive salad "Bees"
1.6k 5 25м 4
This salad will decorate the holiday table for adults and children.
Salad "Delight"
1.5k - 15м 6
This delicious salad can be attributed to the original salad with herring – many like it even more than "Herring under a fur coat". In salad vegetables in perfect harmony with Apple and salad is enough light, fresh and juicy.
Salad "Le Corsaire" with herring
1.5k 3 - -
A wonderful layered salad with salted herring.