Seafood salads recipes for birthday

Salad of the sea "Svetlana"
4.1k 3 15м 1
A wonderful salad recipe I suggested to my colleague, her name I called a salad. Very tasty, light, refreshing. Great dilutes the heavy main dishes, perfect for meat. Became one of my favorite salads.
Salad "Dance of lilies"
1.9k 3.9 - -
"Blooming water Lily in Russia! In the pond, where carp asleep, Bathed you. And suddenly she Surfaced as if from the bottom. And you asked her in the darkness: -"a Flower! In my mind, do you! And if I frustrate you?" "Rip. Don't be afraid. Will come to life!" The Lily hard to the top. The Lily like in the jar, Though very small, But with a human soul. "I wish that all the female half of the Scullion was a comfortable vessel in which you will be happy!!! Very tender, juicy and delicious salad. Specially for the contest "Scarlett March 8".
Salad "Hummingbird"
0.8k 5 - -
Delicious, bright salad of canned squid
Salad with sea cocktail
0.6k 4 30м 4
Sea cocktail with vegetables and cheese
Salad "Wedding Admiral"
499 - 20м 5
For our women and men salad will love! No wonder such a high rank he got his already! So gentle, it's Golden! Delight at the festive table! Airy, delicious and easy! Adorn everyday life for the whole family!
Salad with chicken and shrimp, "Francesca"
447 - - -
Easy gourmet salad, almost a dessert, and obviously female. The combination of chicken and shrimp with plum and sweet orange sauce wins the first time! Looking at the photo you thought carrot top? And that's not guessed!!! Come - I'll tell you what it is :-)
Salad "royally"
439 3 - -
This salad will decorate any holiday table.
Salad "Amazon"
376 - 10м 2
Bright, tasty salad. The combination of shrimp and pineapple will be pleasantly surprised. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user lenochka77 called the Salad "Tenderness" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Salad "Maureen"
367 - 20м 3
A salad alternative to your favorite salad with crab sticks, at the festive table and in the family circle is popular for its playful and bright image.
Salad "Tale of Neptune"
339 5 - -
A tasty layered salad with seafood.
Crab salad with orange
324 - 40м 3
Delicious, bright and refreshing salad. Spicy and interesting taste.
Salad with seafood "the Voice of the sea"
318 - - -
For seafood lovers: incredibly tasty, spicy... and a light salad. Sea of vitamins and oceans of fun!
The sun
307 3 40м 5
"Scarlett March 8"Salad for a small company and festive revelry. Crab, corn voices Herald the spring
Salad "Madrid"
301 - 40м 20
Recently, my daughter and son-in-law tried in a cafe this salad, we liked it, decided to cook to your Dr
Salad "yum"
288 4.5 20м 10
This salad I enjoyed at the birthday party of my friend.. we are all in love with him. Salad very original taste.
Salad "Fried Squid"
262 - 60м 4
The next night my invention. On the one hand, from vegetables in a salad breathes freshness, and with another - the salad is quite hearty
Salad "tete-a-tete"
253 - 30м 1
Offer universal attention an interesting salad that will delight you and your guests, will decorate a festive table, maybe even surprise you with unusual flavor combinations. The recipe is obliged to Valentina Logunova.
Salad "Mushroom fantasy"
243 - 45м 3
I bought a culinary edition of "Library journal "Prepare", found an interesting salad, cooked. Salad with crab sticks, which are fried. Such technology cooking crab saw the first time. Turned out tender salad with spicy taste.
Salad "Imperial"
236 - 40м 5
Very tasty salad. Usually do it on New year, since the weekdays are not cheap. Decorating idea borrowed from chef Olga Babich.
Salad "Geisha"
202 3.7 60м -
Actually there is a whole code of rules and secrets of seduction, which adhered and continue to adhere to the Japanese geisha. We reveal only the most basic of these secrets and rules. Sharp as a sword, as beautiful as Sakura..... For the contest "Scarlett March 8"
Salad "little mermaid"
178 - 60м 4
A delicious salad similar to "Olivier", but very different.